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Researcher seeks ‘missing piece’ in climate change models

February 13, 2007

To most people, soil is just dirt. But to microbiologists, it is a veritable zoo of bacteria, fungi and nematodes. It's also a vast carbon dioxide factory. As these microorganisms consume carbon-based materials found in soil, they release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere as a normal part of their metabolism.

Climate change to bring a wave of new health risks

February 21, 2005

Climate change will not only bring about a warmer world, it is also very likely to set the stage for an unhealthier one.

150-year global ice record reveals major warming trend

September 7, 2000

From sources as diverse as newspaper archives, transportation ledgers and religious observances, scientists have amassed lake and river ice records spanning the Northern Hemisphere that show a steady 150-year warming trend.