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New Antarctica research season kicks off

November 30, 2007

The approach of winter in the northern hemisphere means that summer is coming to Antarctica - still bitterly cold, but just warm enough to let scientists make progress on ongoing studies. A number of UW–Madison researchers are awaiting the call.

Post-Kyoto environmental discussion to take place at UW–Madison

November 13, 2007

This December in Bali, new international talks will be launched to determine the successor of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change. The science has spoken. We know the problem is real, but how do we move forward with a solution?

Illustration: The ethical dimensions of global climate change

November 6, 2007

The two world maps schematically represent the contribution of different nations to global warming, as measured in atmospheric carbon output (top) and…

Wildfire drives carbon levels in northern forests

October 31, 2007

Far removed from streams of gas-thirsty cars and pollution-belching factories lies another key player in global climate change. Circling the northern hemisphere, the conifer-dominated boreal forests - one of the largest ecosystems on earth - act as a vast natural regulator of atmospheric carbon levels.

Hungry insects leave clues to impacts of climate change

August 27, 2007

Harshaw, Wis. — A boardwalk beckons into the stand of trees, pleasantly cool on a hot summer morning — where it becomes immediately clear…

Researcher seeks ‘missing piece’ in climate change models

February 13, 2007

To most people, soil is just dirt. But to microbiologists, it is a veritable zoo of bacteria, fungi and nematodes. It's also a vast carbon dioxide factory. As these microorganisms consume carbon-based materials found in soil, they release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere as a normal part of their metabolism.

Climate change to bring a wave of new health risks

February 21, 2005

Climate change will not only bring about a warmer world, it is also very likely to set the stage for an unhealthier one.

150-year global ice record reveals major warming trend

September 7, 2000

From sources as diverse as newspaper archives, transportation ledgers and religious observances, scientists have amassed lake and river ice records spanning the Northern Hemisphere that show a steady 150-year warming trend.