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Scientists create road map to metabolic reprogramming for aging

November 29, 2012

In efforts to understand what influences life span, cancer and aging, scientists are building road maps to navigate and learn about cells at the molecular level.

Study to examine impact of culture on aging process

May 30, 2007

A UW–Madison study is analyzing the consequences of cultural differences in people's emotional and physical health as they age.

UW-Madison research at the 18th Annual Colloquium on Aging

October 16, 2006

The 18th Annual Colloquium on Aging, to take place at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison on Wednesday, Oct. 18, will feature the work of a number of University of Wisconsin–Madison scientists.

Grant helps center study link between cancer and aging

November 4, 2003

With cancer death rates far greater for those 65 or older, the National Institutes of Health has selected the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center as one of eight research centers to study the relationship between cancer and aging.

Aging Institute turns 30

October 20, 2003

An expert on healthy aging, Carol Ryff knows that the UW–Madison Institute on Aging (IOA) -turning 30 years old this month - has aged well.

Ongoing study checks in on ‘Happy Days’ cohort

January 15, 2003

For 45 years, the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study has provided policy makers and social-science researchers with an unparalleled look at how education, career and family affect adult life. Now, as those one-time high school seniors ÷ known as the "Happy Days" cohort after the popular television sitcom about Milwaukee's class of 1957 ÷ become senior citizens, a new survey will seek to understand more specifically how a person's entire life influences, and can improve, the aging process.

UW-Madison leads $26 million study on aging

October 9, 2002

While we all age, we age in different ways. But exactly why we age differently remains much of a mystery. A new $26 million study led by the University of Wisconsin–Madison, however, plans to make the reasons more clear.

Study details genetic basis of aging — and how it might be delayed

August 26, 1999

Scientists at UW–Madison have, for the first time, profiled specific genetic changes during the aging of experimental animals, a discovery that could aid work to extend life span and preserve health.

The Biomarkers of Aging

July 22, 1999

The biomarkers of aging are a set of bodily functions and conditions that tend to change with age. They are the same in humans as they are in non-human primates such as rhesus macaques.

$6.75 million to extend primate studies of diet and aging

July 22, 1999

A decade-long study of how diet affects the process of growing old, will continue and be expanded at the UW–Madison with the help of $6.75 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Calorie Restriction Reduces Age-Related Muscle Loss

June 16, 1997

Researchers at UW–Madison have found that limiting calorie intake later in life can stall some of the muscle deterioration that normally accompanies aging.