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Photo gallery Snow fun

January 5, 2022

With snow on the ground and school on break (for some), now is the perfect time to frolic outdoors. On a recent day, the ice-covered University Bay (and Class of 1918 Marsh) on the west side of campus was full of people walking, sledding and playing hockey.


Two woman walk through the snow with a dog.

Gemma Fortunak, 11, uses treats to lead Atlas, a Bernese mountain dog, in pulling Rachel Warrich, Fortunak’s step-mother and a 2004 UW-Madison alumna, as they practice the Norwegian sport of skijoring, or ski driving. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: A girl feeds treats to a big dog.

Atlas is motivated with treats. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Boys play on an ice-covered bay.

Kids play ice hockey on the frozen and snow-covered pond of the Class of 1918 Marsh. Many Madison-area children are enjoying a few extra days of winter break. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Three geese in a winter sky.

A wet snow falls as Canada geese take flight from the partially frozen water of University Bay. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Two boys walk through thick reeds.

Young hockey players have to cut through the reeds to get to the ice. Photo by: Jeff Miller

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