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Slideshow: Learning lessons by following Madison’s foxes and coyotes

January 30, 2015

See accompanying story, “Learning lessons by following Madison’s foxes and coyotes” 

Photos by Jeff Miller, University Communications 

Photo: Public notice about research on fox and coyote populations

Posted near the entrance to Picnic Point and the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, a public notice provides information about a research effort to study the behavior of growing fox and coyote populations in the city of Madison. 

Photo: Cable snare trap for foxes and coyotes

A cable restraint is set amid the brush near the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. The research involves setting fox and coyote restraints, recording medical information and attaching radio collars to allow future monitoring.

Photo: Marcus Mueller

Graduate student Marcus Mueller inspects a sprung cable restraint on Thursday, Jan. 22

Photo: Young adult fox

A young adult fox is pictured before being released from a cable restraint.

Marcus Mueller and Michael Maroney

Graduate student Marcus Mueller (left) prepares a radio collar as Michael Maroney (right), a veterinarian with the Research Animal Resources Center, monitors a sedated fox. 

Photo: Testing a radio collar

Graduate student Marcus Mueller (left) and undergraduate Cody Lane (right) test a radio collar.

Photo: Relocating a sedated fox

Marcus Mueller relocates a still-sedated fox to a more sheltered area.