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‘Office Hours’ provides update on state of the economy

August 31, 2009

Get an update on where the economy is headed by watching “Office Hours,” a half-hour weekly talk show on the Big Ten Network, which airs at 4 p.m. EST/3 p.m. CDT today (Aug. 31).

Office Hours with Ken Goldstein

UW-Madison real estate and urban economics professor Morris Davis, who served on the senior staff of the Federal Reserve Board, and economics professor John Karl Scholz, who served as deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. Treasury Department during the Clinton administration, join host Ken Goldstein to discuss the current state of the economy and take a look forward.

The UW–Madison experts, who both appeared on episodes of “Office Hours” earlier this year to discuss the escalating economic crisis, also debate tools the Bush and Obama administrations have used to deal with the sagging economy.

About ‘Office Hours’

“Office Hours” invites guests from many areas of the UW–Madison campus to share their work with viewers across the country. Past episodes have touched on subjects including the economy, evolution, the common cold and stem cell research.

The show is produced by University Communications; additional production help and writing comes from students in Goldstein’s upper-level class on political communication.

More information about “Office Hours,” including videos of past shows, is available online.