Photo gallery Moments in Time 2017: ‘I second that emotion’

December 13, 2017

From sadness to joy, anticipation to surprise, it was an emotional year at UW–Madison. We mourned, we celebrated. We looked forward to the expected and delighted in things we didn’t see coming. Students asked, teachers listened. The changing seasons were predictable yet refreshing. Energy was everywhere, and potential was limitless. If you didn’t feel it, well then you just weren’t a Badger.

University Communications photographers have the privilege of capturing these emotions every day as Moments in Time. Each year, we ask them to share their favorites. Here, from their perceptive perspectives, are the 49 images they chose and their reflections on the process.

Photos by Jeff Miller and Bryce Richter | Text by Bill Graf


Photo: Snow-covered trees seen from Observatory Hill

Awash in white, Observatory Hill in January affords a vanishing view of a wintry horizon. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Police escorting Kari Sasso and Vegas

Wearing — and feeling — blue, a UWPD honor guard pays a final tribute to Assistant Chief Kari Sasso's police horse, Vegas, at UW Veterinary Care. Vegas contracted a painful, incurable disease and was euthanized. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: View of crowd at Women's March

Less sad than outraged, thousands of demonstrators surged toward the state Capitol in a Jan. 21 rally protesting what many saw as the onset of an assault on women’s rights. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Speakers at rally against

Days later, the Student Coalition for Progress led a march up Bascom Hill to challenge “alt-right” views and anti-immigration rhetoric. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Nikki Giovanni being presented with T-shirt

There was also occasion for joy, as renowned poet and activist Nikki Giovanni headlined “Getting Black to Happiness,” a celebration of Black History Month. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Ice golfers on Lake Mendota

Winter can wear you down if you don’t embrace it. The frozen fairways of Lake Mendota attracted ice golfers during the Hoofers Winter Carnival. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Clouds and sunset behind Poultry Research Lab

In magenta-tinged twilight, the Valentine’s Day sunset provides a scenic backdrop for the unassuming Poultry Research Lab on the west side of campus. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Corn plant growing in an incubator

Condensation indicates a perfectly controlled climate in an incubator where transgenic corn is sprouting at the Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center in Middleton. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Mo Fayyaz tending to flowers in greenhouse

Plants of many varieties blossomed more vividly thanks to the caring attention of Mo Fayyaz, who retired in August as director of the Botany Greenhouses and Botanical Garden. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: People under umbrella walking in fog

London fog? No, Library Mall. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Students watching flames shooting from balloon

The savviest students know what’s coming as they cover their ears for Professor Cathy Middlecamp’s explosive demonstration of the flammable properties of hydrogen. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Student and little sister dancing in front of Lincoln statue

Oblivious Abe pretends not to notice the polka party in his midst as Celeste Huff of Wisconsin Rapids and her 6-year-old sister, Melina, enjoy Siblings Day. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Maddie Wanamaker lifting a boat into or out of the water

Rower Maddie Wanamaker couldn’t have asked for a better early spring day on the water when she practiced solo in Lake Mendota. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Kweku Brewoo looking at computer screens

Financial specialist Kweku Brewoo, winner of a 2017 University Staff Award, carefully reviews computerized records in his Education Building office. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Man in sunglasses covered with multicolored powder

Chance of sprinkles: This powder-covered celebrant is observing the arrival of spring and triumph of good over evil during a festival of color hosted by the Madison Hindu Students Association. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: College student and elementary student looking at computer screen with similar poses of hands on their chins

Mentor and mentee seem to be thinking the same thing as computer science student James Plautz shows a Randall Elementary School pupil how to code using an entry-level program. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Young student touching foot of Lincoln statue

Hoping for good luck, a young student from the Milwaukee Excellence Charter School pauses in the rain to touch the foot of the Lincoln statue on Bascom Hill — a time-honored tradition in any weather. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Student doing push-ups watching others doing the same

Don’t look now, Matt McGuire — they might be gaining on you! The sophomore competes for a coveted gig firing up game-day crowds as one of seven Bucky Badgers for 2017-18. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Mike Leckrone

Every bit as iconic as Bucky is the legendary Mike Leckrone, 80, who directs the 43rd annual UW Varsity Band Spring Concert at the Kohl Center. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Four views of Bucky Badger wearing black and red gown

Bucky takes a break from his busy schedule to model a new-look commencement gown trimmed in Badger red for spring graduates. (Color-coordinated footwear optional.) Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Mortarboard says

Whoever started the practice of students decorating their mortarboards — on display during May commencement at Camp Randall — deserves an honorary degree. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Workers standing in windows of Witte Residence Hall

With grads and continuing students leaving campus for the school year, a summer construction project brings new windows and other renovations to Witte Residence Hall. When work finishes, the building will be topped by a new 11th floor. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Salmon swimming in fish tank

What will researchers learn from this Norwegian Atlantic salmon? Its secrets may be revealed as part of a study at the Water Science and Engineering Laboratory. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Three pigs pushing their noses against gate on pen

These three-month old pigs at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station, of a breed created by a UW geneticist, might also hold secrets — clues, scientists hope, to the treatment of human heart disease. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Veterinarian sticking acupuncture needles into horse

A horse under the care of clinical Assistant Professor Amy Munsterman undergoes an equine acupuncture procedure at the UW Veterinary Care clinic. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Lori Berquam

Dean of Students Lori Berquam poses outside Bascom Hall wearing one of a wide variety of hats well-wishers presented her with to cover the effects of chemotherapy as she reached the midpoint of her treatment for breast cancer. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Water droplets on table on Memorial Union Terrace with sun setting

One way to make sure you get a clean table on the Terrace is to wait for a summer thunderstorm to roll through. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Bucky Badger and Paula Bonner leading a cheer

There’s Bucky again, at a spirited celebration of Wisconsin Alumni Association President Paula Bonner’s retirement. That’s Paula pumping her fist with characteristic enthusiasm. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Woman serving ice cream from window in truck

Paula’s party features the debut of a restored, vintage ice cream truck (serving Babcock Hall’s best, of course) as it kicks off a statewide “Thank You 72” tour to show appreciation to Wisconsin’s 72 counties for their support of UW–Madison. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Ian Khama speaking at a table

International affairs are of constant interest on campus, with guests like Ian Khama, president of the Republic of Botswana, visiting to discuss the state of the world and receive a Global Citizen Award. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Students and chancellor seen through opening in Badgerloop vehicle

The Badgerloop pod, a prototype designed for an international competition to carry passengers at lightning speed, frames some of the students who built it and showed it off to an impressed Chancellor Rebecca Blank. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Closeups of cellphone and sunglasses (left) and man looking through eclipse glasses (right)

Fascinated observers — one improvising with sunglasses and a cellphone, another using the safer recommended protective eyewear — witness an 85-percent solar eclipse from the Memorial Union Terrace. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Stars seeming to form trails above observatory

As night falls for real, a 21-minute time-exposure captures star trails, rotating around Polaris, blanketing the dome of the university’s Pine Bluff Observatory west of Madison. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Students arm-in-arm in convocation crowd

Before commencement caps a student’s academic career, there’s convocation — the chancellor’s welcome to new students at the Kohl Center. It’s the first of many times they’ll link arms to sing “Varsity.” Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Dancers strolling on stage

Convocation comes during Wisconsin Welcome, a series of events that also includes strolling by members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity during the Multicultural Orientation and Reception at Shannon Hall. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: People dancing the tango

As the semester unfolds and studies ensue, there is time for occasional diversions. Thursdays are tango night at Union South, with lessons in the popular Argentine dance open to students and the public. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Couple in wedding clothes holding a smiley-face balloon by the lake

Following a rainy October wedding day, Yun "April" Hang and Dacheng Fan held out for a sunny morning after, to pose for photos and make memories amid the familiar starburst chairs on the Terrace’s scenic lakeshore. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Children peering through window at real badgers

Children spot two sleeping Bucky twins — American badgers named after UW men’s basketball stars Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky — in an exhibit at Madison’s Henry Vilas Zoo. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Individual portraits of alumni who appeared in

Six alumni reflect on their experiences during the 1967 Dow Chemical protests on campus for a multimedia project called “A Turning Point.” Clockwise from upper left: Bob Grueneberg '71; JoAnne Yazzie '70; Bob Lawrence'69,'71; John Henz '68; Jane Madell '69; Duane Koch '67. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Bascom Hall illuminated by red lights

Resplendent in red, Bascom Hall is illuminated at dawn to usher in Homecoming Week. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: People standing around a water fountain with W crest

Another Homecoming highlight is the dedication of a new gathering spot honoring former students who went on to do great things embodying the Wisconsin Idea: Alumni Park, between Memorial Union and the Red Gym. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Bucky Wagon arriving on football field

One of the perks of riding on the Bucky Wagon is you don’t have to jockey for a parking spot on football Saturdays. Driver Glenn Bower delivers the Spirit Squad to Camp Randall for the Homecoming game against Maryland. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Band members playing horns

A band in the stands delights the fans. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Steve Miller with baton, wearing white gloves and director's hat

Rock’s Space Cowboy, UW–Madison 1967 alumnus Steve Miller, touches down for homecoming in Camp Randall and conducts the UW Marching Band's 5th Quarter performance of his song "Swingtown." Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Karen Oberhauser walking along trail

A day on the trails is a day at the office for Karen Oberhauser, newly appointed to oversee the natural wonders of the vast UW Arboretum. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Fading moon by tree with colorful leaves

The campus offers awesome views in all seasons, but particularly fall. If you found yourself gazing skyward on this October morning, you might have seen these remnants of a harvest moon disappearing behind the colorful treetops. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Wisconsin player catching pass over Michigan defender

The football team reached for the top and almost made it, but its historic 12-1 season was reason enough to cheer. The Badgers will close out 2017 with their first-ever appearance in the Orange Bowl. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Close-up of person writing Chinese characters

Practice takes patience at a booth dedicated to Chinese pen-and-ink writing during a collaborative observance by a number of student organizations to promote Asian culture. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Golden cattails with sunrise behind

And so another year of sunrises, like this one brightening winter-worn cattails near Lake Wingra, is in the books. Where did the days go? They’re still within reach … as Moments in Time. Photo by: Bryce Richter



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