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November 5, 2008

2008-09 faculty promotions and new appointments

New tenure-track faculty

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences: Alessandro Senes, biochemistry; Franco Milani, food science; Yiqun Weng, horticulture; Jeri Barak-Cunningham, plant pathology; James Kerns, plant pathology; Matthew Ruark, soil science; and Anna Pidgeon, forest ecology and management. School of Business: Xia Chen, William Weld, Youchang Wu, Mary Carmen Triana, Robin Tanner and Amber Epp. School of Education: Noah Feinstein, curriculum and instruction; Anita Wager, curriculum and instruction; Anne Vaughan, kinesiology; Christopher Walker, dance; and Katherine Corby, dance. College of Engineering: James Schneider, civil and environmental engineering; Nam Sung Kim, electrical and computer engineering; James Luedtke, industrial engineering; Mario Trujillo, mechanical engineering; Michael Arnold, material science and engineering; and James Tinjum, engineering professional development. School of Human Ecology: J. Michael Collins and Maximilian Schmeiser. School of Law: Andrew Coan, Brad Snyder and Darian Ibrahim. College of Letters and Science: Richard Townsend, astronomy; William Brown, communication arts; Jordan Schmidt, chemistry; Jordan Rosenblum, Hebrew and Semitic studies; Benedek Valko, mathematics; Joseph Miller, mathematics; Wen Li, psychology; Vanessa Simmering-Best, psychology; Irina Shevelenko, Slavic languages; and Chaeyoon Lim, sociology. School of Medicine and Public Health: Sijian Wang, biostatistics and medical informatics; Kevin Kozak, human oncology; Deric Wheeler, human oncology; Amish Raval, medicine; Mark Burkard, medicine; Nasia Safdar, medicine; David Gamm, ophthalmology and visual sciences; Ajay Sethi, population health sciences; Brian Baldo, psychiatry; and Vivek Prabhakaran, radiology. School of Nursing: Rebecca Muehrer.

New tenured appointments

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences: Veronika Somoza, food science; and John Shutske, biological systems engineering. School of Business: Bjorn Eraker and Qiang Cheng. College of Engineering: Ananth Krishnamurthy, industrial and systems engineering. School of Human Ecology: Nancy Wong. School of Law: Shubha Ghosh. College of Letters and Science: Kenneth Cameron, botany; Morris Young, English; Jon McKenzie, English; John Zumbrunnen, political science; Noah Williams, economics; Anne Hansen, languages and cultures of Asia; Jignesh Patel, computer science; Lisa Martin, political science; Marcia Carlson, sociology; Timothy Smeeding, LaFollette School of Public Affairs; Stephen Ward, journalism and mass communication; Felicia Moye, School of Music; and Carolyn Martin, German and women’s studies. School of Medicine and Public Health: Laurel Rice, obstetrics and gynecology; Thomas DeLeire, population health sciences; Karl Broman, biostatistics and medical Informatics; Valerie Gilchrist, family medicine; Susan Lederer, medical history and bioethics; Dennis Lund, surgery; Thomas Oliver, population health sciences; Dan Lebovic, obstetrics and gynecology; and K. Craig Kent, surgery. School of Veterinary Medicine: Tony Goldberg.

Barb Burchfield has been promoted to assistant director of housing for communications, RH assignments and summer programs.

Gretchen Cole won the Morris Animal Foundation Post-Graduate Competition at the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Annual Conference; and Simon Pot won the best Basic Science Resident presentation at the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists meeting.