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May 7, 2008

Steve Meyer and Sue Dentinger, both of the Library Technology Group, were named the 2008 Librarians of the Year by their peers in the UW–Madison Librarians’ Assembly.

Lori Sebranek has been named assistant registrar for curricular services.

Ahna Skop, genetics department, has been appointed to the Wisconsin Task Force on Arts and Creativity in Education.

Eric Wilcots, Department of Astronomy, has been named associate dean for natural and mathematical sciences in the College of Letters and Science.

The Institute for Research in the Humanities has selected Rachel Brenner, Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, as a five-year senior fellow beginning with 2008–09. The institute has also selected a number of individuals for one-year terms as visiting fellows for the next academic year. UW–Madison fellows include Brian Hyer, music; Michael Bernard-Donals, English; B. Venkat Mani, German; Nancy Marshall, art history; Ross Shafer-Landau, philosophy; and Louise Young, history. Solmsen fellows include Robert Berkhofer, Western Michigan University; Valerie Garver, Northern Illinois University; Catherine Martin, University of Memphis; and Andrew Scheil, University of Minnesota. System Fellows include Ellen Amster, UW-Milwaukee; Esther Bauer, UW-Stevens Point; Norlisha Crawford, UW-Oshkosh; and Tanya Tiffany, UW-Milwaukee. Also receiving fellowships are Andrew Ruis, who was selected as the Coleman Dissertation Fellow in the History of Science; Anupam Basu, who won the Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellowship; and Stephane Blond, who was selected for the Woodward Cartography Fellowship.