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Video Meet the student video contest winners!

February 10, 2016 By Meredith McGlone
Chancellor Rebecca Blank challenged students to create a 90-second video showing how they’re living the Wisconsin Idea. The prize: tickets to a men’s basketball game.
The winners are four student broadcasters from WSUM: Kai Brito, Tanisha Sabhaney, Vidushi Saxena and Madhuvanthi Sridhar. Their show, Food, Nature and Good Vibes, airs at 8 a.m. Tuesdays.
Sridhar explains:
“I met Kai through the GreenHouse Learning Community, which is where I live. And I met Vidushi on my first day of SOAR. She soon introduced me to Tanisha, and I had realized that each of us had very different opinions about things in our lives, yet our personalities and ideas seemed to complement each other.
“It was during the summer that I had this brainchild — Food, Nature and Good Vibes — and decided that all of us, from our diverse backgrounds, with our varied interests, would make a great show … We started the show together in the fall last year.
“I think some of the nicest feedback we have gotten has been from students who have heard us and told us about how entertaining we are as a group, especially when talking about environmental issues. It was wonderful to hear students enjoying our show.
“We have seen some of our friends actively make an effort to change their carbon footprint and become more responsible members of society. It is pretty nice to see our show change people’s actions.”