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Compound Accelerates Fruit Ripening, Slows Softening After Harvest

November 26, 1997

Nutritional experts are urging Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables. Some of us actually are following the advice. So wouldn’t it be great…

And The Twain Shall Meet

November 21, 1997

Lecture, library trip reveal connections between two titans of fiction © Jill Krementz Kurt Vonnegut Mark Twain…

A Chemical Christmas

November 21, 1997

For the 28th year, Chemistry Professor Bassam Shakhashiri will present 'Once Upon a Christmas Cheery in the Lab of Shakhashiri.'

Science Videojournalist To Spend Week on Campus

November 21, 1997

Jane Ellen Stevens, a science journalist with New York Times Television, has been named a 1997 Science Writer in Residence by UW–Madison.

WebZ Dials up 13 Libraries, No Waiting

November 21, 1997

The CIC Virtual catalog and its mammoth collection of 55 million volumes from the libraries of 13 research universities is now accessible through UW Libraries' WebZ interface.

Scientists Get the Facts on Folic Acid in Red Beets

November 21, 1997

Scientists at UW–Madison have found that the amount of folic acid in beets can be increased through breeding, and that beets harvested later in the growing season contain the highest amount of the nutrient.

Compound Accelerates Fruit Ripening, Slows Softening After Harvest

November 21, 1997

CONTACT: Jiwan Palta, (608) 262-5782, Nutritional experts are urging Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables. Some of us actually…

New Guidelines In Place for Distribution of WARF Royalties

November 20, 1997

New guidelines for the distribution of royalty and licensing income from inventions held by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation have been put in place by the Graduate School.

Vonnegut To Speak on Campus Dec. 2

November 20, 1997

Best-selling novelist Kurt Vonnegut will give advice to aspiring writers at a public lecture, Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 7:30 p.m., in the Wisconsin Union Theater.

UW Professor Uncovers the Life of Everyday Objects

November 19, 1997

Do you fill your house with telephones? Your cabinets with makeup? Why? Laurie Beth Clark, a professor of art, will explore those and other questions through a new site-specific installation, 'The Everyday Life of Objects.'

University Club’s 90th: If These Walls Could Talk

November 17, 1997

Steeped in architectural beauty and haunted legend, the University Club will celebrate its 90th birthday party on Thursday, Nov. 20, from 4:30-7 p.m.

Public Lecture Kicks Off Education Week

November 14, 1997

American Education Week, Nov. 17-21, will be commemorated by the School of Education with a free public lecture by Lee S. Shulman Nov. 19,…

Library Bridges Atlantic With Joint Web Project

November 14, 1997


‘Potomac Watch’ Columnist To Share Beltway Insights

November 13, 1997

Paul Gigot, the author of the popular and influential 'Potomac Watch' column in The Wall Street Journal, will give a public lecture at UW–Madison Nov. 17.

Faculty Divided on Alternative GPA

November 12, 1997

Faculty have divergent feelings about grading - and in particular about an adjusted GPA, also known as an achievement index, developed by a statistics professor at Duke University.

UW Department Cited for Research, Clinical Excellence

November 11, 1997

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences is ranked among the 10 'best overall' eye programs in the country in the Oct. 1 issue of Ophthalmology Times.

Chancellor: Effort Needed To Keep the UW Miracle Alive

November 7, 1997

Chancellor David Ward encouraged the university community Monday to keep practicing good works, take part in the campus self-evaluation process and become politically active so that UW–Madison can meet the challenges of the future.

A Lost World Found

November 7, 1997

In the dusty disorder of the preparation room at UW–Madison's Geology Museum, formless chunks of plaster and sediment are slowly giving way to the sleek, black bones of a Triceratops.

Moderate Social Drinking During Pregnancy Risks Infant Health

November 7, 1997

A study conducted at the Harlow Primate Laboratory demonstrates for the first time in a laboratory setting that even moderate drinking can harm infant development.

Graduate Student Died From Dengue Fever

November 6, 1997