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Photo gallery K-9 care

June 8, 2018

A student-run UW veterinary medical training program for Wisconsin police officer-K-9 teams took place as part of a larger technical training program at Camp Randall Stadium June 6. The session provided officers with training on taking vitals, CPR, K-9 first aid, and recognizing emergency situations such as heat stroke in their K-9 partners. Photos: Bryce Richter/university communications

Photo: Officer and dog with faculty member and students

Wisconsin State Capitol Police officer Mick Price (center) and his K-9 partner Yacki get information about taking vital readings from UW veterinary medicine faculty member Corinne Lawson (far right) and students Zoie Schaefer (right) and Madeline Gluck (left). Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Dog watches person with stuffed dog

UW–Whitewater police officer Kelsey Servi (right) and her K-9 partner Truus watch a demonstration of how to dress a wound. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Police dog sniffing stuffed dog

La Crosse police officer Dan Ulrich (right) and his K-9 partner Ben get information about K-9 CPR from UW Veterinary Medicine student Andrea Wenzel. Photo by: Bryce Richter

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