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Five classified staff receive awards for service

May 7, 2008

Five staff members received Classified Employee Recognition Awards this year. A total of 52 people were nominated. Honorees are:

Photo of CampbellLinda Campbell, university services associate, Aquatic Sciences Center

“For 27 years, Linda has been cleverly solving every strange problem that has come up — from sending a set of conference proceedings to Iran to scheduling interviews with five candidates (and two sets of interviewers) in one day to locating the least expensive sources of gummy fish and 3-D glasses,” writes nominator Anders Andren, director of the center.

Throughout her years at the center, Campbell has developed her marketing skills, and has written and designed survey forms to evaluate the success of publications, which help in planning future publications and in meeting federal requirements for evaluating the program. She is creative when solving problems and is willing to help others while acting as the center’s main public connection.

“Linda Campbell is essential in keeping our office running smoothly, whether it’s cheerfully helping us meet an important deadline or brainstorming a more efficient or creative way to approach a project,” writes Andren.

Photo of Czynszak-LyneMary Czynszak-Lyne, university services program associate, College of Letters and Science Honors Program

Czynszak-Lyne is the sole classified staff member in the L&S Honors Program, and her responsibilities include budgetary, fiscal management, administrative, program support, outreach, liaison, operations and data/records management roles. She also participated in facilitating a unitwide discussion and effort at defining and living by the program’s “guiding principles” and its new mission statement, which were created as part of a yearlong strategic planning effort, writes Jeffrey Shokler, associate director of the program, in support of Czynszak-Lyne’s nomination.

Czynszak-Lyne has also served the represented classified staff members at the university as a union steward and union officer, and currently is vice president of the union. She also is an at-large board member of the WSEU State Executive Committee.

“Mary has demonstrated truly outstanding service and leadership both through her tireless work at meeting the demands of a complex and demanding position in our program, and through her deep commitment to service and leadership at the UW and in the greater Madison community,” writes Shokler.

Photo of FoxBarry Fox, building and grounds superintendent, Intercollegiate Athletics

During Fox’s 14 years at the university, the athletic department has grown from a $23 million operation with 2 million square feet of facility and ground space to an $85 million operation with more than 2.85 million square feet of facility and ground space. Throughout the renovation of Camp Randall Stadium, Fox oversaw the new seating areas, the addition of the Kellner Hall office structure and the east stadium superstructure, which included three levels of club seating and suites. “Since the project completion, Fox and his staff have maintained the ‘new’ stadium at the highest level, while continuing to maintain and enhance the existing facilities and grounds,” writes nominator John Chadima, associate director of athletics.

Fox also oversees day-to-day operations in the athletic department, including custodial services, crafts and buildings/grounds operations. He was instrumental in the implementation of new facility security and safety systems for Camp Randall and the Kohl Center, and he pioneered the preventative maintenance system the facilities department uses today.

Photo of LadellThomas Ladell, senior laboratory preparation technician, Department of Chemistry

Ladell has assisted countless students in chemistry classes during his 25 years at UW–Madison.

His job supports the activities of more than 1,500 undergraduates each semester in any of four introductory-level chemistry courses. As general chemistry lab stockroom manager, Ladell sets up weekly labs, assists in emergencies and makes lab experiences possible for students. He also is involved in revising and upgrading the quality of the labs taught in the department, and he helps provide preparation and guidance for outreach programs supported by the General Chemistry Division.

“His positive influence and quiet strength are a source of inspiration to all who care to see it,” writes nominator James Maynard, an instructional specialist in the department, “and nowhere have I known a more unsung figure in such a successful department.”

Photo of O'ConnellKaren O’Connell, university services associate, Department of Educational Psychology

O’Connell began her career at UW–Madison coordinating all functions for the School Psychology Program, and her responsibilities have steadily increased since then, writes nominator Craig Albers, assistant professor in the School Psychology Program. She played a crucial role in developing the program into the nation’s best with her support and commitment.

O’Connell recently completed the Department Administrator Certificate Program and has taken on additional responsibilities in the department beyond the School Psychology Program. She coordinates faculty searches, prepares tenure proposals, helps document student progress, and also prepares travel expense reports, fellowship nominations and faculty award nominations.

O’Connell always remains focused on the people she serves, writes Albers. “Karen knows when to listen, how to prod, how to settle a point of contentiousness with grace and humor,” he writes.

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