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Eight faculty named to WARF professorships

August 21, 2012 By Chris Barncard

Eight members of the UW–Madison faculty have been appointed to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation named professorships in 2012.

The appointments, which include $75,000 in research support from WARF during five years, are:

John F. Doebley, George Wells Beadle Professor of Genetics, who works with maize in an effort to understand the way genes give rise to new physical traits in plants;

Mark D. Ediger, Hyuk Yu Professor of Chemistry, who examines the way molecular motion influences the properties of materials such as polymers and glasses;

Charles Engel, Rudiger Dornbusch Professor of Economics, who focuses on the behavior of foreign exchange rates, monetary and exchange rate policy, and the effects of exchange rates on consumer prices;

Maryellen MacDonald, Donald P. Hayes Professor of Psychology, who explores human language and the role experience and working memory play in language comprehension;

Brenda Gayle Plummer, Merze Tate Professor of History, who studies race and international affairs and modern African American and Caribbean history — especially Haiti.

James B. Rawlings, W. Harmon Ray Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, who has advanced the use of computer models to control chemical processes in industrial plants;

Ivan Rayment, Michael G. Rossman Professor of Biochemistry, who uses X-ray crystallography to study the relationship between the structure of large proteins and their function;

Donald M. Waller, John T. Curtis Professor of Botany, who explores long-term ecological change associated with invasive plants and deer; and

David Weimer, Edwin E. Witte Professor of Political Economy, who examines health policy and institutional design, applying cost-benefit analyses to government programs.

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