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Early-career faculty improving undergraduate education

February 19, 2013

Nineteen early-career faculty have been named fellows of the new Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence (MTLE) program.

The fellows competed with colleagues to participate in the yearlong program designed to improve undergraduate education by providing professional development in teaching and learning to early-career faculty.

The upcoming year will include workshops on high impact educational practices and weekly meetings focused on experimentation and innovation in the classroom. In addition to receiving support for their undergraduate classrooms, fellows will have the opportunity to build a unique interdisciplinary team of mentors and peers from the teaching and learning community.

The following faculty have been named Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence Faculty Fellows:

  • August 2012:  Jeri Barak (Plant Pathology), Emily Callaci (History), Corbett Grainger (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Jennifer Higgins (Gender and Women’s Studies), Laurence Loewe (Medical Genetics), Viren Murthy (History), Jonathan Pauli (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), Aurelie Rakotondrafara (Plant Pathology), Stephen Young (International Studies), Benjamin Zuckerberg (Forest and Wildlife Ecology)
  • January 2013:  Kathleen Culver (School of Journalism and Mass Communication), Hannah Eldridge (German), Philip Hollander (Hebrew and Semitic Studies), Edward Hubbard (Educational Psychology), Jeremy Morris (Communication Arts), Grant Nelsestuen (Classics), Catalina Toma (Communication Arts), Christopher Wells (School of Journalism and Mass Communication), Bei Yang (East Asian Languages and Literatures)

MTLE is funded through the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates. The program was initiated by the UW Teaching Academy and a coalition of campus partners, including the Center for the First-Year Experience, Delta Program, DoIT Academic Technology, Institute for Biology Education, Learning Support Services, Morgridge Center, Secretary of the Faculty – New Faculty Services, Writing Across the Curriculum, and UW–Madison Libraries.