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Classified Staff Congress approves resolution opposing budget cuts

March 17, 2015 By Käri Knutson

The Classified Staff Congress Monday quickly approved a resolution in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget and in support of shared governance.

The resolution reads, in part:

The Classified Staff Congress of the UW–Madison opposes the proposed $300 million cut to the UW-System as too large to be able to maintain an appropriate level of service to the students of the University System.

“Be it further resolved the classified staff supports a full, transparent and accessible debate involving all stakeholders in regards to the possible establishment of a Public Authority.

“Be it finally resolved, the classified staff supports the existence of a written policy guaranteeing rights to shared governance to classified employees at the UW–Madison under whatever the appropriate authority may be upon passage of the budget.”

Linda Meinholz, a Classified Staff Executive Committee member, moved to adopt the resolution. “We looked at adding all three items the governor put in the budget bill that will affect us,” Meinholz said.

Darrell Bazzell, vice chancellor for finance and administration, asked if there was any discussion and there was none. The resolution passed unanimously.

The budget bill is being taken up by the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee and must be approved by both legislative houses before it goes back to Walker for his signature, likely in June.

Previously, the Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Assembly passed similar resolutions calling for more study of public authority and preservation of shared governance.