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Photo gallery Bucky and the band hand John Wiley a birthday surprise

March 23, 2022

Several members of the UW Marching Band, Bucky Badger and invited guests made an early-morning surprise visit to the Madison home of Chancellor Emeritus John Wiley to celebrate Wiley’s 80th birthday on March 23. Wiley led UW–Madison from 2001 to 2008.

Band members walking up to house

"John, I think there's someone at the door. Are you expecting company?" Photo by: Jeff Miller

Band members form a circle around Wiley in his living room

The former chancellor's wily friends, neighbors and family had kept the surprise under wraps until the doorbell rang. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Bucky on his knees bowing to a laughing John Wiley

Bucky pays Wiley a tribute fitting for an eminent Badger on a landmark occasion. Photo by: Jeff Miller

John, Bucky and Tess arm-in-arm and singing

John Wiley and his wife, Tess Arenas, link arms with Bucky Badger to sing “Varsity” with the band. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Wiley holding framed photo of him in hippy garb

Wiley shows off a photo made 30 years ago when, as dean of the Graduate School, he dressed as a hippy for his 50th birthday. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Don’t wake the neighbors!

 John Wiley’s 80th birthday started off with a bang … and a band … and a badger.

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