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UW–Madison hosts secretary of Veterans Affairs, highlights student veterans’ experience

June 7, 2023

In a visit to UW–Madison, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough met with Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin and a roundtable of 11 student veterans and staff members, with a focus on how best to support UW's more than 2,000 military-connected students.


Archaeologists uncover evidence of intentional burial, cave engravings by early human ancestor

June 5, 2023

Until now, scholars believed that the mental capacity behind complex cultural behaviors like burial and mark-making required a larger brain, like those of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens.


Federal grants to 2 Wisconsin startups highlight UW’s leading role in fusion energy

June 6, 2023

The two companies' Wisconsin roots and national recognition are the result of decades of fusion investment and innovation at UW–Madison.

Recent Sightings

Four people kneel on a hillside and plant flowers.

Grounds crew creates beauty — and biodiversity — on campus The goal is to create a campus landscape that supports biodiversity while providing an inviting space for students, employees and visitors alike. See more

Photo by Jake Stottler, FP&M

UW researchers will develop gene editing therapy to treat blindness

June 6, 2023

Research led by researchers at UW–Madison will leverage new ways of delivering drug therapies through nanotechnology with advanced genome CRISPR technology to innovate new treatments for two hereditary diseases that cause blindness.

Can't Stop a Badger

Meet the engineers making a difference in Wisconsin communities

May 16, 2023

From Rhinelander to Trempealeau County and Cottage Grove, here are just a few examples of UW–Madison College of Engineering students and faculty stepping up to provide Wisconsin communities and businesses with expert information and tangible benefits.


Nurtured at UW, East of Vilas rocks the local music scene

May 22, 2023

East of Vilas got its start at a UW–Madison learning community, and now the band is performing all over Madison, part of a thriving local music scene.