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World Emoji Day? Here’s your emoji guide to UW–Madison

July 18, 2018

Texting your friend but don’t have time to spell out “Hagenah Fountain?” In honor of Tuesday’s World Emoji Day, try this handy emoji guide for all things related to Wisconsin.


The Dub:  A classic. When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all.

Section O: The only Camp Randall student section with its own emoji. Need we say more?

Winter Gear: Don’t be caught without these at the next #BattleForBascom.

Badger Backpack: Whether you’re one-strapping it or not, this will become your best friend when it’s time to #StudyStrong.

Terrace Ducks: Everyone’s favorite web-footed family that hangs out right along our Terrace shores.

Cows: On, WisCOWsin!

Snow: Some love it, some hate it, but from November through March, this becomes familiar to all Badgers.

Cheese Wedge on Apple iOS 9.1

Cheese: Shredded, curd, sliced… it doesn’t matter how you eat it to behold the power of cheese.

Glass of Milk on Apple iOS 11.1

Glass of Milk: Hot #UWSummer day? We can fix that.

Soft Ice Cream on Apple iOS 9.1

Ice Cream: Babcock’s finest — served all year long.

Sled on Apple iOS 11.1

Sled: Necessary equipment to slide down Observatory or Bascom Hill with ease.

Bus on Apple iOS 9.1

The 80: Useful for cross-campus trips… or taking the easy way out of climbing Bascom.


Sailboat on Apple iOS 10.2

Sailboat: All you need for the perfect day on Lake Mendota.

Stadium on Apple iOS 9.1

Camp Randall: Home to Badger Football, Jump Around, the 5th Quarter, Varsity, and when full, it becomes Wisconsin’s fifth largest city.

Fountain on Apple iOS 6.0

Hagenah Fountain: Your favorite #UWSummer spot, right in the heart of campus.  

Sunrise on Apple iOS 6.0

#UWSunriseClub: For the early risers. Bonus points if you see it from College Library.



Communication Arts: Radio/TV/Film: Radio on Apple Television on Apple Film Projector on Apple

Horticulture: Ear of Corn on Apple Seedling on Apple Tractor on Apple  

Cartography: Straight Ruler on Apple World Map on Apple Pencil on Apple iOS 9.1

STEM: Microscope on Apple Wrench on Apple Light Bulb on Apple

Music: Musical Keyboard on Apple Trumpet on Apple Violin on Apple

Political Science: Top Hat on Apple Heavy Check Mark on Apple Statue of Liberty on Apple

Astronomy: Telescope on Apple Shooting Star on Apple Rocket on Apple

English: Books on Apple Writing Hand on Apple Thought Balloon on Apple

Computer Science: Desktop Computer on Apple Electric Plug on Apple Bar Chart on Apple

Econ: Chart Increasing on Apple Dollar Banknote on Apple Bank on Apple

Criminology: Flashlight on Apple Magnifying Glass Tilted Left on Apple Police Car on Apple

Dairy Science: Cow on Apple Ice Cream on Apple Cheese Wedge on Apple

Textiles and Fashion Design:Jeans on Apple Dress on Apple Scissors on Apple

Kinesiology: Flexed Biceps on Apple Sweat Droplets on Apple