#UWRightNow serves up a daylong slice of university life

April 16, 2012

Image: UWRightNow


More than 1.4 million hours have passed since UW–Madison was founded in 1848, and during each one of them, the campus is alive with a vibrancy that’s unparalleled.

On Wednesday, April 18, University Communications will host a multimedia project that focuses on 24 of those hours, showcasing how UW–Madison looked that day, and how the university’s people, projects and pursuits make this place tick.

A special website for the day will present reporting, photography and video on classes, student activities, research, and faculty and staff contributions, and feature contributions from international students, researchers and projects affiliated with the university.

The university community can contribute through Twitter under the hashtag #UWRightNow and more information will be available at uwrightnow.wisc.edu.

Here’s a guide to the project and what you need to know to take part on Wednesday:

What is #uwrightnow?  

#uwrightnow is a collaborative multimedia project coordinated by University Communications to chronicle 24 hours at UW–Madison — midnight to midnight on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. With your help, we’ll be capturing the breadth, depth and spirit of our campus.

Can anyone participate?  

Yes!  We want students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends from around the world to capture a moment and add it to the story of a single day in the life of UW–Madison. Help us spread the word both on and off campus. Do you know students who are studying abroad? Make sure to they know! Do you know alumni who can contribute as they work, volunteer or travel? Make sure they know!

How do I participate?  

Send us your tweets, stories, photos and videos throughout the 24 hours. University Communications will choose the most creative efforts and a variety of subjects to post to uwrightnow.wisc.edu. While we can’t promise to post everything that is submitted to us, we appreciate your participation.

How can I submit content for the site?

You and others may submit content that we’ll consider for posting in one of three ways:

Twitter: Tweet a comment or a photo describing something from your day that helps tell the story of the breadth and depth of the UW–Madison. Use the hashtag #uwrightnow  

YouTube: Produce a video, upload it to YouTube and then email us the link at uwrightnow@uc.wisc.edu.

Email: Write a story of 200 or fewer words or submit a photo that captures something that you are doing or something that you’ve seen or experienced on campus, and send it to us at uwrightnow@uc.wisc.edu.  

Will all submitted content be used?

As mentioned previously, we can’t promise to post all tweets, photos, videos and stories that are submitted. We’ll pick and choose among the submissions to showcase creativity and variety. Regardless of whether or not your submission is posted to the site, we appreciate your participation.

Will that site stay up after midnight on April 18, 2012?

Yes. We’ll make the site accessible for several weeks to allow people to visit the site and see what unfolded during the project’s 24 hours.

Is it anonymous?  

If you include your name when you submit your tweet, photo, video or story, we’ll include it if we post your submission to the site. This project is meant to be an authentic representation of UW–Madison, so we appreciate the chance to feature real people — and give them credit for their contributions.