UW-Madison wins “national title” in social media

March 15, 2012 By John Lucas

Just as the NCAA basketball tournament is tipping off, the Badgers have already won a kind of March Madness in the world of higher education social media.

UW-Madison won Klout.com’s “Influencer Insanity” contest, which pitted 64-schools active in social media against each other in a NCAA bracket-style format.

During the past week, UW–Madison took down Drexel University, Duke University, University of Washington, Syracuse University and in-state rival Marquette University to handily win the title by a 1,005 vote margin, 3,745 to 2,740.

Through the contest, which was judged by the number of votes cast by social media users, the Badgers teamed up with Marquette as part of a pact to meet in the final. See the full bracket here.

Klout.com measures the influence of social media accounts. UW–Madison has consistently ranked among the top ranking universities, owing in large part to its large and engaged social media community, called #UWSocial.

Coordinated by University Communications, #UWSocial provides resources, best practices and assistance to schools, colleges and departments across campus. If you have questions or would like to participate, email socialmedia@uc.wisc.edu.