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UW-Madison wins Historical Society award

July 31, 2012

The Wisconsin Historical Society has awarded the University of Wisconsin–Madison a 2012 Historic Restoration Award for the exterior rehabilitation work on North Hall and South Hall.

Photo: South Hall renovation

Working from a lift-platform, construction workers repair damaged stonework and deteriorating mortar on the exterior of South Hall. The restorative work includes replacement of windowpanes and repair of damaged stones and door headers of historic North and South Halls.

Photo: Jeff Miller

As part of the project, specially trained construction crews replaced mortar, fixed damaged stonework and repaired and re-glazed windows in the two buildings that date to the middle of the 19th century. Masons who worked on the buildings had to pass rigorous training programs before they were allowed to work on the buildings.

Non-historic Portland cement, which had been used for previous repairs and was damaging the buildings, was removed and replaced with lime putty mortar that matched the color and texture of the original mortar. Salvaged sandstone from St. Raphael’s Cathedral was an exact match for these buildings and was used when necessary.

Gary Brown, director of planning and landscape architecture, will accept this award on behalf of the university and the project team (Owen Landsverk, fo the state Department of Administration and Laura Davis, of Isthmus Architecture) who facilitated the renovation of these historic buildings on campus.

A panel of judges from the Wisconsin Historical Society deemed the pair of projects as ample evidence of the university’s commitment to excellence and authenticity in the restoration and renovation of historic buildings.