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UW–Madison will update job titles and position descriptions in November

April 6, 2021

Last week, UW–Madison in partnership with UW System announced the TTC Project will resume plans to implement a new title and salary structure. On November 7, 2021, UW–Madison employees will have updated job titles and new position descriptions as part of the TTC Project.

Employee Conversations and Project Timing

Employees and supervisors (or local human resource units) will continue conversations to confirm job titles and position descriptions. Specific details regarding the conversations will vary among schools, colleges, or divisions as each area determines when the discussions are complete. However, all conversations must be complete by September 10, 2021. Employees may wish to check with their local human resources representative if they have questions.

Employees can expect to receive an official notification letter to confirm their new titles in October or early November. The new salary structure will be published in the fall before the November implementation date.

Why Implement the TTC Project

“The TTC Project brings our title and pay structures up to date. This will help UW–Madison attract, develop, reward, and retain the best people to support our campus mission. A consistent title structure will also help the university collect better information about both our changing job needs and our employees,” said Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Laurent Heller. “This in turn will help us better support and develop our people to meet the evolving needs of our campus.”

The purpose of the TTC Project is to:

  • Encourage excellence by rewarding individual contributions that support the university’s mission and goals
  • Establish a foundation for career progression and promotion
  • Support competitive and equitable compensation
  • Develop market-informed benefits to support employee wellbeing

“We are a leading public research university. Our work has a tremendous economic impact on the state and beyond. This project will help compare our jobs to the market, reward excellence, and support long-term career growth. It will also ensure that we have a framework for continuous reassessment, so our titles and market data stay current,” said Chancellor Rebecca Blank.

An objective of the TTC Project is to conduct a current and full review of pay and benefits. The TTC Project also sets a foundation for future initiatives such as the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP).

Resources to Support Employees

The TTC Project encourages employees to attend a virtual campus forum on April 21-22. The forum will provide more information about how this change will impact employees and will allow time for questions and answers. The virtual event will be recorded and posted on the TTC Project website after the event.

The TTC Project website Resource Library has factsheets, videos, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and a learning series to help employees prepare for the November implementation. Employees may also view all standard job descriptions in the Title and Standard Job Description Library.

Supervisor Resources

To help supervisors prepare for employee conversations, supervisors may register for Online Manager/Supervisor Training available on the TTC Project website Resource Library. On the TTC Project website, supervisors will also find a resource packet with checklists, email templates, and links to additional resources. Supervisor resources on the website also include employee conversation FAQs. Supervisors should check with their local human resources representative for information specific to their areas.

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