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UW-Madison to reopen at noon Thursday; classes to begin at 1 p.m.

January 30, 2019

UW-Madison is planning for a smooth reopening Thursday afternoon from a partial closure due to extreme cold.

The university is asking faculty and staff to return to work at noon Thursday, Jan. 31, to begin the process of reopening campus. Campus buildings will be unlocked at noon. Second and third shift employees should report to work Thursday evening as scheduled.

Instruction will resume at 1 p.m. This means that all courses with a start time at or after 1 p.m. will meet on Thursday. Courses with a start time before 1 p.m. will not be held Thursday.

It is our goal to resume campus services as soon as possible but please be aware that some services may not be available immediately at noon. More detailed information about bus service, events and various offices is posted on

Campus events with a posted start time at or after noon are allowed to proceed but attendees should contact the event organizer to confirm that the event will be held as scheduled.

Employees who are not able to report at noon should contact their supervisor. Employees are advised to use discretion and caution regarding their health and safety. An employee who reasonably determines that it is not safe to travel will not be subject to discipline. Supervisors should take efforts to afford employees the flexibility they need to ensure their safety. This may include allowing employees to flex their schedules, allowing work at home options, providing ability to make up the work over the weekend, and taking leave time. Students who are not able to attend courses at or after 1 p.m. should contact their instructor.

Although temperatures are expected to improve throughout the day Thursday, please continue to take precautions due to the cold. We thank you for your patience and flexibility during this period.


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