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UW-Madison students to present research at State Capitol

March 10, 2014 By Jane Roberts

Twelve University of Wisconsin–Madison students presented their undergraduate research at the 11th annual Posters in the Rotunda event Wednesday, March 12 at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Posters in the Rotunda

Undergraduate research takes center stage in the State Capitol rotunda on Wednesday, March 12. A dozen UW–Madison students will dispaly their research along with students from other UW System campuses.

Posters in the Rotunda provides students and faculty advisors from across the UW System with the opportunity to share their research findings with Wisconsin legislators, state leaders, UW alumni and members of the public.

“The University of Wisconsin is one of the leaders among higher education institutions in the development of undergraduate research programs,” says Elizabeth Ambos, executive officer for the Council on Undergraduate Research. “The opportunity for students from University of Wisconsin campuses to present research directly to state legislators and their staff allows those individuals to understand the breadth, depth and quality of the undergraduate research experience in a way no other experience can achieve.”

The event opened with welcoming remarks from new UW System President Ray Cross at 9:30 a.m., followed by the poster presentation from 10 to 3 p.m. Cross says he hopes to talk to as many students as possible from each UW campus.

“From the perspective of the students, it’s an opportunity for them to gain confidence in explaining and describing to others in a public setting what they’ve been working on,” says Cross. “For legislators and others like me, it’s really enjoyable to see how students have engaged in research and how that’s impacted their undergraduate experience.”

According to Grant Huber, UW System communications and external relations team special assistant, the impact of such research is felt far beyond the reaches of the university.

“Students are powerful ambassadors for explaining the important role that undergraduate research plays in their education, future professional opportunities and the economic health of Wisconsin’s communities and industries,” says Huber.

Kris Andrews, assistant system vice president for federal relations, says the posters event “affords students the opportunity to communicate to legislators the relevance of their research projects to Wisconsin and influence those public policy deliberations.”

The UW–Madison student researchers include:

  • Rachel Brodhead (Lake Tomahawk, Wis.)
  • Jason Dietz (Eagan, Minn.)
  • Sean Fleming (Crystal Lake, Ill.)
  • Samuel Grow (Appleton, Wis.)
  • Katja Kane-Foempe (Campbell, Calif.)
  • Abby Schenian (Whitelaw, Wis.)
  • Zoe Storck (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Robin Kraidich (Oak Creek, Wis.)
  • Joanna Lawrence (Madison, Wis.)
  • Andy Chung (South El Monte, Calif.)
  • Nicole Cancel (Marshfield, Wis.)
  • Bronte Mansfield (Madison, Wis.)