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UW leaders, governance discuss future of pay plan

October 24, 2023

University of Wisconsin–Madison leaders continue to meet with shared governance leaders to discuss the path forward for a pay plan for UW employees.

Provost Charles Isbell appeared at the Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC) governance meeting on Oct. 19, the committee’s first such meeting following the Oct. 17 meeting of the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER).

At its Oct. 17 meeting, JCOER approved pay raises for state employees but did not vote on raises for employees of the Universities of Wisconsin, which includes UW–Madison. JCOER also did not vote on the tentative agreement with the Wisconsin State Building Trades Negotiating Committee, which represents the UW–Madison Building Trades employees.

Leaders continue advocacy for UW employees

As part of the ASEC briefing, Isbell shared that UW–Madison leaders continue to work with leadership from the Universities of Wisconsin (formerly UW System) to meet with legislative leaders and advocate for the need to approve the pay plan provisions as quickly as possible.

“Withholding this well-deserved increase defies both reason and longstanding legislative tradition, and for this I am deeply disappointed,” said Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin in a reaction immediately following the JCOER meeting last week.

Isbell emphasized to ASEC members that JCOER did not vote down the pay plan, which means it could revisit the UW portion at a later date.

“There’s a pretty clear set of concerns (about the pay plan not being taken up), and you should know that we all share those concerns,” Isbell said at the ASEC meeting. “We would all do well to remain optimistic and to know that (campus leaders) who are having these conversations are very serious about the people who are affected by this decision.”

ASEC member Nola Walker asked whether there are discussions among leaders about how the inaction of JCOER and the effects of inflation in the economy impacts employees in lower paying positions at the university.

“That has been top of mind for everyone,” Isbell said.

For employees interested in making their voices heard

Employees interested in making their voices heard on the issue can contact their elected representatives. Anyone can find their legislators here:

Note that employees may not use work hours or university resources, including, but not limited to, UW computers, email, phones, or IT networks to contact legislators to advocate for the university.