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Tag Winter

Recent sightings: Below zero

January 8, 2015

A lost mitten awaits its owner in a snow bank near UW–Madison’s Walnut Street Greenhouse during a subzero winter day on Wednesday, Jan.

Recent sightings: All quiet on the lakefront

December 22, 2014

While many Badgers have left campus for winter break, a lone woman rides her longboard alongside a partially frozen Lake Mendota.

Thriving, rather than surviving, is key to winning winter

February 13, 2014

After months of cold temperatures, cloudy days and snow, it’s no wonder that many of us think bears have the right idea during the winter.

Frosty Fun

February 10, 2014

Faced with a frigid winter that seems like it’ll never end, UW–Madison turned to the Hoofer Winter Carnival for a much-needed jolt of fun during the past week.