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New program takes grassroots approach to training school leaders

December 5, 2007

Schools across the United States today face more pressure than ever to boost student performance levels and close the gaps in achievement between students of different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. While many schools are struggling to make adequate progress, others have developed strategies that are contributing to significant improvements.

Panel highlights global perspectives on education

October 31, 2007

A group of doctoral students will offer global perspectives on education in “Schooling Around the World: Sights, Sounds, Stories and Travels,” a program sponsored by the Department of Educational Policy Studies on Wednesday, Nov. 14, to mark International Education Week.

Study: Negative views of grief counseling are not substantiated by research

July 31, 2007

A new report finds that, despite frequent claims to the contrary, there is no empirical or statistical evidence to suggest that grief counseling is harmful to clients, or that clients who are "normally" bereaved are at special risk if they receive grief counseling, according to a new look at the scientific literature on grief counseling.

Study focuses on closing school achievement gap

March 13, 2007

Despite decades of interventions and billions of dollars spent, a large gap in school achievement stubbornly persists between underprivileged children and their more advantaged peers. With funding from the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery seed grant program, UW–Madison scientists will now bring their collective expertise to bear on one important, but overlooked, cause of this troubling problem.