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World’s fastest image processor aids search for elusive form of matter

February 6, 2006

How do scientists drill down to the fundamental units of nature and sample conditions that existed right after the Big Bang some 15 billion years ago

UW team to build next-generation ‘quantum’ computer

April 11, 2001

A working quantum computer could be so powerful that it would solve in seconds certain problems that would take the fastest existing supercomputer millions of years to complete. Seeking this 'Holy Grail' of computing power, an interdisciplinary team of engineering and physics researchers at the university plans to use silicon germanium quantum dots to build the foundation for a new generation of computers.

Physics team studies atomic life at ‘absolute zero’

August 31, 1999

With a lab full of lasers to corral and chill atoms, physicist Thad Walker is plunging into the frigid domain of "absolute zero." It's not just cold there. It's weird.