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Curiosities: How big is space?

August 17, 2009

Space is probably infinite, but we can see only the part that contains stars or galaxies whose light has been able to reach us, says…

Sea urchin yields a key secret of biomineralization

October 27, 2008

The teeth and bones of mammals, the protective shells of mollusks, and the needle-sharp spines of sea urchins and other marine creatures are made-from-scratch wonders of nature.

Heart of the Matter

September 10, 2008

Underground in Europe, thousands of scientists — using the largest accelerator ever built — are conducting a thrilling hunt. They’re looking for tiny particles that are the source of all matter’s mass, hoping to solve some of the biggest mysteries in physics. And UW–Madison researchers are right at the center of the action.

Curiosities: What’s behind the claims that the new particle accelerator in Europe may create black holes that could destroy the Earth? Should we be worried?

August 18, 2008

When the Large Hadron Collider starts running this summer near Geneva, Switzerland, some physicists have predicted that some of its high-energy proton collisions could…

South Pole researchers training this week at UW’s Physical Sciences Lab

August 4, 2008

This week marks the annual "Driller and Deployer Workshop" for research staff who will work at the South Pole as part of the well-known IceCube Neutrino Observatory project.

Hot subjects—Physics 206: ‘Seeking Truth: Living with Doubt’

September 30, 2007

Physics professor Marshall Onellion has a new job title this semester: official tackling dummy for his freshmen students. It’s part of his scheme to provoke controversial discussion and to get his students really thinking. Oddly enough, he’s instigating this debate in a physics class.

Mother-of-pearl: Classic beauty and remarkable strength

July 2, 2007

While the shiny material of pearls and abalone shells has long been prized for its iridescence and aesthetic value in jewelry and decorations, scientists admire mother-of-pearl for other physical properties as well.

Physicists find way to ‘see’ extra dimensions

February 2, 2007

Peering backward in time to an instant after the big bang, physicists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have devised an approach that may help unlock the hidden shapes of alternate dimensions of the universe.

World’s fastest image processor aids search for elusive form of matter

February 6, 2006

How do scientists drill down to the fundamental units of nature and sample conditions that existed right after the Big Bang some 15 billion years ago

UW team to build next-generation ‘quantum’ computer

April 11, 2001

A working quantum computer could be so powerful that it would solve in seconds certain problems that would take the fastest existing supercomputer millions of years to complete. Seeking this 'Holy Grail' of computing power, an interdisciplinary team of engineering and physics researchers at the university plans to use silicon germanium quantum dots to build the foundation for a new generation of computers.

Physics team studies atomic life at ‘absolute zero’

August 31, 1999

With a lab full of lasers to corral and chill atoms, physicist Thad Walker is plunging into the frigid domain of "absolute zero." It's not just cold there. It's weird.