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Common soil mineral degrades the nearly indestructible prion

January 14, 2009

In the rogues' gallery of microscopic infectious agents, the prion is the toughest hombre in town.

Restoring order: UW Arboretum runoff solutions combine ecology and engineering

October 8, 2008

In spring 2008, a class of undergraduate and graduate engineering students studied a section of Wingra Marsh to learn more about the hydroecologic effects of the massive stormwater inflow. "Stormwater management infrastructure throughout the Arboretum is failing due to age and increased flows of runoff from the surrounding watershed," says David Liebl, a UW–Madison engineering professional development faculty associate who chairs the Arboretum stormwater committee.

WAGE awards three research collaborative grants related to globalization

April 10, 2008

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE) announces the three winners of its research collaborative competition, each receiving $100,000 during a three-year period.

UW-Madison ‘Gaia Project’ creates environmental learning, action project for faculty and staff

March 12, 2008

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Gaia Project, a program devoted to helping faculty and staff get involved in topics related to climate, energy and sustainability, has launched this semester with more than 100 subscribers already on board.