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Berlin conference explores influence of UW–Madison’s Professor Mosse

July 23, 2019

George Mosse was a pioneering historian and authority on Nazism who himself fled the Nazi regime. Students flocked to his UW classes, drawn by his charismatic style and his insights into European cultural history.

Mildred Fish-Harnack honored as hero of resistance to Nazi regime

July 11, 2019

UW-Madison alumna Mildred Fish-Harnack became a resistance fighter in Nazi Germany and was the only American civilian to be executed on the direct order of Adolf Hitler. On July 12, a statue called "Mildred" is being dedicated in a Madison park.

A century on, celebrating the first Yiddish-language college course

September 15, 2016

Louis Wolfenson started teaching Yiddish at the UW in 1916, more than 30 years before Yiddish classes originated in New York City.