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Durand to help lead diversity, climate efforts

January 15, 2003

Bernice Durand, a professor of physics who has been deeply involved in campus climate and diversity programs, has been chosen by Provost Peter Spear to become the university's associate vice chancellor for diversity and climate.

Course blends chemistry, American Indian studies

December 10, 2002

As students look through the timetable for the upcoming semester, they'll see one course in chemistry that meets the ethnic studies requirement. It's not a mistake.

Students initiate surprise award for professor

December 10, 2002

Some 20 graduate students surprised industrial engineering professor Michael J. Smith Dec. 6 with a presentation of an award for "Excellence in Holistic Education," an award established entirely by students, some of whom he's advised.

Experienced law students give first-years the scoop

December 10, 2002

UW-Madison's Student Bar Association has created two programs aimed at improving the learning environment for first-year students and making the Law School experience more collegial for all students.

New dean of students notes priorities as her job begins

November 19, 2002

Luoluo Hong, UW–Madison's new dean of students, hopes to provide stability and support for department colleagues and to re-establish a connection with the student body, particularly in the area of advocating on behalf of students.

Kapani’s goal: Breathing life into a vision

November 5, 2002

Ask Seema Kapani for her assessment of UW–Madison's efforts to create a more welcoming and diverse campus, and she'll tell you about 20 years of both exhilarating successes and intense frustrations.