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Aldo Leopold series involves community in environmental discussions

December 20, 2016

UW-Madison will honor pioneering conservationist Aldo Leopold’s legacy and connect it to our time with a wide-ranging series of seminars, lectures, and workshops.

New coursework will prepare social workers for aging population

February 2, 2016

New graduate options will be offered in fall 2016 through the part-time Master of Social Work Program offered in Eau Claire and Madison.

Religious studies course to focus on environmental crises

December 6, 2012

A new "gateway" course in religious studies (RELS101, Religions in Global Perspective) will move beyond the traditional survey approach and give instructors leeway to choose a more timely and effective focus. The first edition, on religion and the environment, will be taught by Anna M. Gade, associate professor of religious studies and languages and cultures of Asia. Inside UW–Madison discussed the new course with Professor Gade.

Hot subjects—Civil and Environmental Engineering 679: Travel Behavior Analysis

February 18, 2008

From the moment people step outside their homes to the moment they return, civil and environmental engineering professor Jessica Guo is…

Hot subjects—Horticulture 375: Organic Agriculture Colloquium

February 15, 2008

After two years of teaching an experimental colloquium on organic farming, horticulture professor Jim Nienhuis is no longer surprised by the diversity of majors interested in his class.

Hot subjects—Music 319: Musical Ethnicities of Wisconsin

February 12, 2008

Most students are surprised to find on the timetable that a Wisconsin-focused class could fulfill their ethnic studies requirement. But music professor Susan Cook says her new class takes a broad view of both music and ethnicity, diving into the use of music in ethnic settlements in Wisconsin since the 1800s, such as the Swiss in New Glarus and Germans in Milwaukee. She will also explore the musical traditions of Native Americans and recent Hmong immigrants.

Hot subjects—Environmental Studies 900: ‘Working Toward Regional Sustainable Development’

October 4, 2007

As the demand for greener companies and communities continues to rise nationwide, UW–Madison is responding by offering new courses on the environment and sustainability.

Hot subjects—Physics 206: ‘Seeking Truth: Living with Doubt’

September 30, 2007

Physics professor Marshall Onellion has a new job title this semester: official tackling dummy for his freshmen students. It’s part of his scheme to provoke controversial discussion and to get his students really thinking. Oddly enough, he’s instigating this debate in a physics class.

Hot subjects—Communication Arts 613: ‘The History of the Hollywood Film Score’

September 26, 2007

This series profiles four new courses that have piqued the interest of undergraduates.

Hot subjects—Integrated Liberal Studies 275: ‘The Art of War’

September 24, 2007

This series profiles four new courses that have piqued the interest of undergraduates.