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IceCube telescope construction exceeds season goals

February 12, 2007

As the austral summer wanes, so does the highly successful 2006-07 work season at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica, which draws to a close Thursday, Feb. 15.

Nanotechnology meets biology and DNA finds its groove

February 8, 2007

UW-Madison scientists have developed a quick, inexpensive and efficient method to extract single DNA molecules and position them in nanoscale troughs or "slits," where they can be easily analyzed and sequenced. The technique, which according to its developers is simple and scalable, could lead to faster and vastly more efficient sequencing technology in the lab, and may one day help underpin the ability of clinicians to obtain customized DNA profiles of patients.

Physicists find way to ‘see’ extra dimensions

February 2, 2007

Peering backward in time to an instant after the big bang, physicists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have devised an approach that may help unlock the hidden shapes of alternate dimensions of the universe.

Silicon medicines may be effective in humans

January 24, 2007

University of Wisconsin–Madison scientists have shown that silicon — the stuff of computer chips, glass and pottery — may have extraordinary therapeutic value for treating human disease.

UW-Madison acquires rare plant from dinosaur age

January 10, 2007

A relic plant that once co-existed with dinosaurs has taken up residence in the University of Wisconsin–Madison botany greenhouses.

Professor receives YWCA award

October 26, 2006

Michael Thornton, faculty director of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Morgridge Center for Public Service and professor of Afro-American and Asian American Studies, received the individual Racial Justice Award from the Madison YWCA at its fifth annual Racial Justice Conference on Oct. 19.