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Abigail Adams biography adds to popular interest in American Revolution

"John Adams," a major HBO mini-series debuting this Sunday, is bound to generate renewed public interest in the era of the American Revolution and the founding of the nation. A University of Wisconsin–Madison chapbook series has been mining that rich historical territory for some time. The latest chapbook, a biography of Abigail Adams, fits very closely with the mini-series' focus on John and Abigail's long and storied relationship.

Book documents economic, health disparities that women encounter in retirement

A new book by a UW–Madison professor addresses disadvantages that can impede women from achieving economic and health security when they retire.

New book looks at public perception and media treatment of GMOs

Although the vast majority of Americans are blithely unaware, the United States and its system of food production is irreversibly hitched to modern biotechnology. In short, most people unwittingly and regularly consume food that was produced through genetic engineering.

From neighbors to killers: Book explores the personal horror of Rwanda’s genocide

"Intimate Enemy," a new book by political scientist Scott Straus, deals head-on with one of the most disturbing aspects of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda - that it was carried out, in essence, by everyday people, who quickly transformed from neighbors to killers.

New book offers road guide to Wisconsin geology

When the glaciers moved across Wisconsin as late as 15,000 years ago, they carved out one of the most notable features of the UW–Madison campus - Bascom Hill.