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Bioethicists to ponder biotechnology and the brain

April 12, 2005

Researchers at UW–Madison will be featured among several experts gathering at the Fourth Annual International Bioethics Forum on Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22, to discuss a range of ethical issues.

Study finds two brain systems regulate how people call for help

March 8, 2005

The willingness to call out in distress to get help from others appears to be regulated by two brain systems with very different responsibilities, according to a study by researchers at UW–Madison.

New program simplifies growers’ access to potato varieties

September 16, 2004

With guidance from Wisconsin's potato growers, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) has launched a streamlined licensing program for seed potato farmers who wish to cultivate and sell varieties developed by the potato-breeding program at UW–Madison.

Discovery may halt progression of Alzheimer’s

September 2, 2004

In a finding that may cause a dramatic shift in the way scientists and researchers search for a therapy for Alzheimer's disease, a team of researchers led by Jeff Johnson, an associate professor at the School of Pharmacy, has discovered that increased expression of a protein called transthyretin in the brain appears to halt the progression of the disease. The findings appear in the current issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

Licenses for new HyRed cranberry now available

August 11, 2004

Licenses to produce and sell fruit from UW–Madison's HyRed cranberry - the first publicly developed cranberry variety in more than three decades - are now being offered through the university's patent and licensing organization.

UW part of national pathogen bioinformatics center

July 14, 2004

In an effort to speed up research on disease-causing pathogens, including ones that could be used as biological weapons, scientists at UW–Madison will team with an information technology (IT) company, SRA International, Inc., to build an online, publicly accessible library of data on these infectious agents and their genomes.

Technology could enhance accuracy of breast biopsy

July 6, 2004

A new technology developed by a research group headed by Nimmi Ramanujam, assistant professor of biomedical engineering at UW–Madison, will be a "third eye" during breast biopsies and can increase the chance for an accurate clinical diagnosis of breast cancer.

Study: Cancer drug Erbitux nearly doubles survival

June 5, 2004

Patients with head and neck cancer appear to survive nearly twice as long after receiving a new drug known as Erbitux (scientific name: cetuximab) in conjunction with radiation therapy compared with patients treated solely with radiation therapy.

Researchers report major advance in gene therapy technique

June 3, 2004

A group of researchers from the Medical School, the Waisman Center and Mirus Bio Corporation reports a critical advance relating to one of the most fundamental and challenging problems of gene therapy: how to safely and effectively get therapeutic DNA inside cells.

UW-Madison scientists find a key to cell division

May 27, 2004

A cellular structure discovered 125 years ago and dismissed by many biologists as "cellular garbage" has been found to play a key role in the process of cytokinesis, or cell division, one of the most ancient and important of all biological phenomena.

Cranberry breeding program may soon bear fruit for growers

May 24, 2004

A cranberry variety developed by UW–Madison scientists with the help of local cranberry growers is now poised to give those same growers a competitive edge.