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Support available for UW-Madison students

September 9, 2009

In the wake of a recent student death in University Housing, UW–Madison Dean of Students Lori Berquam is reminding the campus community that resources are always available to students who are experiencing difficult times.

No health or safety concerns have been identified for other students or staff.

“I want students to know that we’ll do anything we can to support them,” she says. “To receive assistance for anything they might be dealing with, students need only reach out to a friend, parent or member of their hall staff.”

Students living in University Housing who are in need of support should talk to their House Fellow or residence life staff. These staff are trained and experienced in supporting students and connecting them with campus resources.

The University Health Services Counseling Center is also an excellent, confidential resource for students.

For assistance with urgent mental health concerns, 24-hour crisis intervention services are available to UW–Madison students, and to others concerned about a UW–Madison student, by calling 608-265-5600 (select option 9). Visit this site for more information.

Similarly, on Sept. 7, Berquam sent an e-mail to faculty, academic staff and teaching assistants reminding them that they can play an important role in supporting the success of UW–Madison students, by pointing students toward available campus resources in the wake of an emotional or mental health issue or in the aftermath of a sexual assault or other crime.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to seek a consultation from the Offices of the Dean of Students by calling 608-263-5700 and asking for a dean-on-call.

Parents can always play an important role in detecting mental health issues or serious health problems. For assistance in how to handle these situations, contact the Parent Program at 877-262-3977.