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December 5, 2018

The Textiles and Fashion Design Showcase last weekend featured the work of upper-level TFD undergraduates within the School of Human Ecology. Each student curates their own space and creates a mini-exhibition of their strongest studio works. Pieces range from garments to woven, embellished textiles, dyed and printed yardage, to three-dimensional work, and digital and printed portfolios. Take a look at what some of the students did:

Photo: A woman with several mannequins sporting clothing she designed.

Salina Xiong, a senior, says her collection is a result of her past 3 years in the TFD program. Selena used a lot of structural elements to add to her overall aesthetic. Photo by Sophia Granger

Photo: A man with some wall hangings he designed.

Ibitisam Haq’s work is inspired by mass production and industrial design, as he is making a statement on how mass production is important to ensure that everyone can have access to the same materials, regardless of money factors. Photo by Sophia Granger

A man with some wall hangings he designed.

In his work, Johnny Kidd is playing with pastels and gender representation. As his focal point of his work, and the statement he is making, he has a large unicorn displayed. Johnny wanted to use men decoratively in his work (as seen on the wallpapers he designed) because they normally are not. Photo by Sophia Granger

A photo of a woman with the dresses she designed.

Xin Yi's main focus is sustainability, which is why her work is inspired by the use of paper in fashion production. As well, she has created a reversible coat that can be converted from formal to causal. Photo by Sophia Granger

Photo: A woman with the dresses she designed.

Tess Hurley’s collection includes all different pieces that came together from different classes, and different times within the TFD program, that she thought complemented and contrasted each other very well to create an overall aesthetic. Photo by Tess Granger

Photo: A man with some coats he designed.

The focus for Ike Cech is menswear. He first was focused on old-fashioned designs but now is working with clean, minimalistic modern designs with vintage aspects. Hanging on the wall behind him are patterns he had drafted for his work. Also, the white jacket pictured is inspired by World War II jackets. Photo by Sophia Granger

Photo: Three women, two of them modeling dresses designed by the other.

April Alfaro’s collection is a preview of her senior thesis, which are dresses that are all based off of precious stones. Pictured are her, at left, with two models, showing off her sapphire and emerald dresses.

Photo: A woman with her dresses and other garb that she designed.

Caitlyn Beczkiewicz's collection is all inspired by her hometown of Milwaukee. The collection has a strong urban vibe, emphasizing her city and her friends from Milwaukee. Photo by Sophia Granger

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