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Student to student: Seniors’ best memories at UW

April 28, 2021 By Chelsea Hylton

At this point, graduation is less than two weeks away. For my fellow graduates, the final days of our undergraduate careers are coming to an end. It is absolutely crazy to think that soon we will be college graduates. How time flies!

Many of us are looking back at our time in Madison and recalling some of our favorites memories we were able to create.

Graduating senior, Joziah Mays, from Fort Washington, Md., said that some of his favorite memories throughout his undergrad years have been times spent with his friends.

Joziah Mays.

“Being around them made me try adventurous things and I was able to really tap into my inner self,” Mays said.

They often cooked and tried new foods together.

“I would always cook with them and just have super interesting conversations. These are all memories that I’ll never forget,” he said.

After graduating, Mays will miss the nature that surrounds our campus.

“I feel like UW has a lot of nature which makes the campus extremely beautiful,” he said.

As he thinks about his future he is nervous about what life will bring, but he is excited about embarking on a new journey of life.

“I’m nervous about being a graduating senior for the simple fact that I’m going to have to enter into the real world where life won’t be as structured,” he said.

Graduating fifth-year senior and nursing major Damola Ajibola, from Bronx, N.Y., had similar feelings. He is nervous about what the future will hold but nonetheless still very excited.

“It’s a mix of being excited and being kind of nervous and overwhelmed,” Ajibola said. “Postgrad I am planning to take my board exams and find a nursing job.”

Damola Ajibola.

He said looking back on his time at UW he has been able to realize that he is leaving as a different person than the one who arrived five years ago.

“There’s been ups and downs but I think I’m leaving here a stronger person than I came in,” he said.

Above all, he is grateful for the people he has met along the way and the memories he was able to create. Those last a lifetime.

Whether you are graduating or just started your first year here at UW, make sure to take it all in. It will be over before you know it.

For all the graduates, congratulations on this huge accomplishment. Even though we will all end up in different parts of this world, we will remain Badgers at heart. On, Wisconsin!