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Recent Sightings Recent sightings: Summer SOAR

July 31, 2008

Photos: Jeff Miller

Photo of campus tour at SOAR

A New Student Leader tour guide leads incoming first-year undergraduates and their parents across Bascom Hill while on a campus tour during a Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) session on July 22. Sponsored by the Center for the First-Year Experience, the two-day SOAR sessions provide new students and their parents an opportunity to meet with staff and advisors, register for classes, stay in a residence hall, take a campus tour and learn about campus resources.

Photo of policie officer speaking to SOAR students

UW Police Department detective Carolyn Glassmaker talks to parents about topics of personal health and campus safety.

Photo of advising session

Letters and Science Cross-College advisor Adrienne Thunder (center) works with incoming first-year undergraduates to register for their classes.

Photo of SOAR students

SOAR attendees, including Ricky Cheung (left) and Kori Freeman (right), get to know one another via an exercise using fast-paced introductions during a SOAR “Insider’s Guide” session held at the Mosse Humanities Building.

Photo of information session

Students and their parents attend a session at the Sewell Social Sciences Building.

Photo of students and parents talking with staff

Student Organization Office staff member Beau Levinson (right) talks with students and their parents during a campus resource fair.