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Re: Chancellor John Wiley statement on budget signing

July 26, 2002

University of Wisconsin–Madison Chancellor John Wiley issued the following statement Friday, July 26, following the signing of a budget adjustment bill that fixes the state’s budget shortfall for the current biennium:

“I am pleased that Gov. Scott McCallum has approved several important provisions that were included in the state budget repair bill. The governor has left intact language linking funding levels for state financial aid programs with tuition increases. This allows us to continue providing access to this institution for many students who could not otherwise afford it. It will also assist us in recruiting a diverse student body.

“The governor has also approved the acceleration of the state’s portion of funding for the BioStar program. I appreciate the fact that even in these difficult fiscal times the governor and legislature recognize the importance of continuing to invest in those areas that will help grow the state’s economy. The research and technology transfer to the private sector that will come from the state’s investment in BioStar is a critical part of future economic development.

“Of the approximately $44 million in cuts to the UW System in the budget repair bill, about $17 million will come from UW–Madison. Though these cuts require us to make some difficult decisions, we will be able to maintain the level of instruction and research that has made UW–Madison a preeminent institution of higher learning. This budget also allows us to accomplish some — but not all — of the economic development goals contained in the Madison Initiative.

“I look forward to working with the governor and lawmakers when they begin the task of creating a balanced budget for the next biennium. It is my hope that they will continue to recognize the University of Wisconsin as a worthwhile investment in the state’s future.”

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