New ad highlights UW–Madison ideas that have transformed the world

December 28, 2011 By Jenny Price

University of Wisconsin–Madison graduates will find one more reason to be proud alumni during the Jan. 2 broadcast of the Rose Bowl game: a new commercial featuring some of their alma mater’s greatest contributions to the world.

Still from a new commercial featuring some of UW–Madison’s greatest contributions to the world.

The institutional ad is the second in a series produced by Madison-based marketing firm Hiebing, called “See The Right Thing.” It highlights the discovery of the first disease-resistant crop, the development of the first micromotor and this year’s completion of the Ice Cube Project in Antarctica.

The message is fitting as UW–Madison celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Wisconsin Idea, the university’s longstanding commitment to providing service to the families, businesses and communities of Wisconsin and beyond.

There was no shortage of ideas for the commercial since the creative team from The Hiebing Group, founded by Roman Hiebing BS ’65 MA ’68, included a number of UW alumni.

“To be able to apply our professional talents and creativity and passion to a brand that we all love so much is just a fun and unique opportunity,” says Dave Florin ’92, the company’s president.

There’s one more hint at the end of the commercial that Badgers were involved: the closing notes of the music are from “On Wisconsin.”