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NSF awards 40 fellowships to UW–Madison students

April 22, 2019 By Meghan Chua

The National Science Foundation has awarded 40 UW–Madison students with Graduate Research Fellowships.

The Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding, early-career graduate students who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Awardees are selected based on their potential for significant research achievements that can benefit society.

This year’s awardees span a variety of STEM specializations, from anthropology to zoology. Of them, 33 are graduate students, and 7 are in their final years of undergraduate study, preparing for graduate school.

“The number of UW–Madison students who have received this fellowship is a testament to the strong research enterprise here, and the spirit of curiosity that motivates our students to succeed. With the mentorship they will receive from world-class faculty, and with this support from the National Science Foundation, these students are well-positioned for impactful scholarship at this early stage of their careers,” said Graduate School Dean William J. Karpus.

Of about 12,000 applicants nationally, 2,050 received awards. Another 29 UW–Madison students were given honorable mentions in this year’s competition. Eleven UW–Madison alumni who are now at another institution also received awards.

Fellows receive three years of financial support from NSF, consisting of a $34,000 annual stipend and a $12,000 education allowance. Through the fellowship, students also gain a network for international research collaboration through the Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) initiative, and are connected to professional career development through the federal Graduate Research Internship Program (GRIP).

The UW–Madison 2019 NSF GRFP Awardees are:

  • Theodore Agbi, PhD student, Chemical Engineering
  • Shaan Amin, PhD student, Political Science
  • Garrett Anstreicher, PhD student, Economics
  • Benjamin Bachman, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Desia Bacon, PhD student, Psychology
  • Connor Blankenship, PhD student, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Miriam Bohlmann Kunz, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Katie Bultman, PhD student, Microbiology
  • Joseph Burns, PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
  • Mariama Carter, PhD student, Plant Pathology
  • Aryel Clarke, PhD student, Biochemistry
  • John Crandall, PhD student, Genetics
  • Michael Davies, PhD student, Computer Sciences
  • Rebekah Dix, BA student, Economics
  • Kieran Farrell, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Maia Gumnit, PhD student, Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  • Mackenzie Hewes, PhD student, Anthropology
  • Zena Jensvold, PhD student, Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Conlain Kelly, BS student, Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics
  • Lauren Laufman, BS student, Astronomy – Physics
  • Justin Mabin, PhD student, Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Audrey Marsh, PhD student, Genetics
  • Bethany McCarty, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Patrick Monari, PhD student, Psychology
  • Zachary Morrow, PhD student, Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Kathleen Nickson, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Katherine Parrish, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Jennifer Peotter, PhD student, Biochemistry
  • Bella Reichardt, BS student, Biomedical Engineering
  • Daniel Salgueiro, PhD student, Chemistry
  • Dylan Schmitz, PhD student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Katherine Senn, PhD student, Biochemistry
  • Emily Setton, PhD student, Zoology
  • Thomas Shannon, BS student, Environmental Studies and English
  • Trevor Simmons, BS student, Chemical Engineering
  • Seth Spawn, PhD student, Geography
  • Julia Thomas, PhD student, Sociology
  • Nathan Wang, BS student, Chemical Engineering
  • Brian Weaver, PhD student, Biophysics
  • Meng Xu, PhD student, Chemistry

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