Photo gallery Moments in Time 2018: Photographers’ Choice

December 17, 2018

How long is a moment? Long enough for us to encounter, to enjoy, to endure; short enough to escape without notice. Capture a moment and you’ll have it forever. Miss one, and you’re left with, “What if?”

A lifetime of moments can test a person’s memory. Photographs help keep them alive. In this slide show, University Communications photographers share some of their favorite Moments in Time of 2018.

Photos by Jeff Miller and Bryce Richter / Text by Bill Graf

Photo: Man digging with pick while students watch

Take your pick: Doug Rouse, professor of plant pathology, and a number of his students collect frozen soil samples in the Arboretum Jan. 30 for the Tiny Earth Initiative — an educational, crowdsourced search for new antibiotics. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Clear dishes of rock samples

Schoolhouse rocks: A tray of ancient rock core samples, collected from South Africa by UW–Madison researchers and estimated to be more than 3 billion years old, are shown Jan. 10 in a mass-spectrometer laboratory in Weeks Hall. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Debris from demolished gymnasium with basketball hoop still standing

There'll be no overtime on this basketball court as crews conduct demolition work on the SERF Jan. 18. The aging recreational facility will be replaced in 2020 by the Nicholas Recreation Center, dubbed "The Nick," named in honor of UW basketball star and mega-booster Albert "Ab" Nicholas. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Berens adjusting necktie in mirror

Minute man: Comedian Charlie Berens, a 2009 UW–Madison alumnus and host of the popular online show "Manitowoc Minute," warms up in a backstage dressing room before performing at Shannon Hall in the Wisconsin Union Theater Jan. 26. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Student walking in shorts and short-sleeve shirt in snow

"Shorts guy" — either impervious to the blizzard around him or just defiant — became a viral sensation when this picture of him braving the elements on West Johnson Street Feb. 5 was posted on social media. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: People playing hockey on frozen lake

It didn't take a Zamboni to groom Lake Mendota for a spirited game of pond hockey Feb. 10 during the Hoofers Winter Carnival. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: DiMarco shown on large video screen

Deaf activist, actor and model Nyle DiMarco converses with high school and college students — many deaf, blind and/or hard of hearing — during a question and answer session Jan. 30 at Tripp Commons in the Memorial Union. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Actors embracing

The characters of Mimi, played by Yanzelmalee Rivera, and Rodolfo, played by José Muñiz, sing during a final dress rehearsal Feb. 21 for Act III "Donde lieta" of UW Opera's production of La Bohème at Shannon Hall in the Wisconsin Union Theater. Photo by Michael R. Anderson

Photo: People looking at snowman with orange construction cone on head

Snow cone: There are two seasons in Wisconsin, it is often said: winter, and road construction. On April 19, they merged. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Snow flying all around a student's smiling face

It's all a blur as hundreds of students engage in the "Battle for Bascom," an epic snowball fight between the Lakeshore and Southeast area residence halls held on Bascom Hill March 7. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Camal gesturing to class in front of blackboard

Sound judgement: Jerome Camal, an assistant professor of anthropology with a background in ethnomusicology, inspires students during his Anthropology of Sound course Feb. 27. Camal is a recipient of a 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: People exercising in fitness class

It's all about community at the UW South Madison Partnership. Here, fitness instructor Venus Washington leads Get Movin', a free exercise class for seniors hosted by the partnership March 6 at the Villager Mall in Madison. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Man stretching a piece of thread

Griffin Claes, a junior majoring in textiles and fashion design, works on a commemorative cloth that tells stories about his family's time in Chicago during a School of Human Ecology Structural Enrichment class March 12 in Nancy Nicholas Hall. Hyunsoo Léo Kim

Photo: Students in fashion show

Student volunteers model clothing traditional to the culture of Bangladesh during "Runways of the World" March 18 at Union South. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Man next to bottle with vapor shooting out the top

Holy smokes! Students are going to love the experiment that James "Jim" Maynard, senior instructional specialist, is preparing in the Chemistry Building April 6 for a classroom demonstration. Maynard is one of nine recipients of a 2018 Academic Staff Excellence Award. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Man sitting at computer with headphones on and dog on floor behind

Accompanied by his service dog McGee, John Heim, IT system administrator in the Mathematics Department, works at his desk in Van Vleck Hall March 22. Heim is a recipient of a 2018 Academic Staff Excellence Award. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Man applying painter's tape to a wall

Brush with fame: Maides "Bumper" King, an employee of Facilities Planning and Management, applies painter's tape to prepare a wall for a fresh coat April 3. King is one of eight recipients of a 2018 University Staff Recognition Award. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Capitol Rotunda filled with students and displays

What would you do if you could take over the state Capitol for a day? These students use the opportunity to present their research projects to legislators and the public during Research in the Rotunda April 11. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Profile portrait of Chris Borland

Former UW football star Chris Borland, who retired from the NFL after a single season, poses for a portrait to accompany an On Wisconsin magazine feature about his work to raise awareness of the dangers of head injuries in sports. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Nelson swimming in pool

Water colors: Beata Nelson, whose exploits on the women's swim team brought her national recognition, works out April 14 at the Natatorium. Nelson clocked record-setting times in the Big Ten and NCAA championships. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Closeup of legs of joggers moving in unison

Two joggers — their step counters in perfect sync — are headed for a photo finish at the end of their rainy run on Library Mall May 9. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Carillon Tower framed by flower blossoms

Something about spring magnolia blossoms just makes the sounds of the Carillon Tower that much sweeter. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Rebecca Blank with Bucky Badger and Graduate Bucky statue

Becky and Bucky: Bucky Badger and Chancellor Rebecca Blank pull back a tarp to reveal the "Graduation Bucky" statue May 7 on Bascom Hill. Local artists created 85 statues with different themes for "Bucky on Parade," a public art project that captivated the community this summer. Some fans set out to take selfies with all 85 Buckys. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Two people lying on their backs in the grass, holding hands

Kelli Miner, left, and Micah Buffat embrace the moment among the flowering trees and fresh blossoms at the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens in the UW Arboretum May 17. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: David Muir and Rebecca Blank sitting in restaurant booth with plates of food

Anchor booth: ABC News anchor David Muir, in town to deliver his commencement address to the Class of 2018, enjoys a classic Mickies Dairy Bar breakfast with Chancellor Rebecca Blank May 12. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Student in cap and gown waving and talking on phone

We'll excuse this exuberant graduate for taking a call in the middle of commencement — it might just be the job offer she's been waiting for. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Donkey with prosthetic leg, grazing

A leg to stand on: A miniature donkey named Ferguson is back on his feet June 13 after his deformed hoof was amputated and he was fitted with a prosthetic limb in a rare operation at the School of Veterinary Medicine's Large Animal Surgery Department. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Closeup of legs of a runner casting shadow on the grass

Students wear GPS-based devices as they run drills in a Sports Science and Athlete Monitoring class, where fitness-monitoring technology is used to teach rehabilitation specialists and athletic trainers, on June 5. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Distant shot of students on Aztalan burial mound

A group of 6th graders visiting from Fort Atkinson Middle School on May 4 tours one of four educational stations temporarily set up at Aztalan State Park, a prehistoric Native American site located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, during a public outreach program funded by a Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment Grant. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Woman and child making art project

Lev Stolz-Greenberg, 5, is a little young for shaving cream, except when he's using it to create art with the help of volunteer docent Mary Teselle during a Chazen Museum of Art Summer Spin activity on East Campus Mall July 26. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Football player placing helmet on girl's head

Five-year-old Isabella Stevens pictures herself as a future Badger Aug. 1 during Football Family Fun Day, which provides fans of all ages an opportunity to meet Wisconsin football players up close, receive free team posters and have sports memorabilia autographed. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Girls in pink vests writing initials in wet cement

Miron, the construction company erecting the Nicholas Recreation Center, hosts "Build Like a Girl," an outreach event to interest girls in the building trades by providing hands-on experiences in carpentry, concrete and cranes on Aug. 10. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Two people standing on a partially submerged pier

Water proof: Researchers at the Hasler Laboratory of Limnology got a closer-than-usual look at Lake Mendota, reputedly the most studied lake in the world, after a record-breaking storm on Aug. 20 dumped more than 10 inches of rain on parts of Madison. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Donna Shalala and Bucky Badger

A familiar face welcomes Donna Shalala back to Olin House during a football tailgate party Sept. 8. The chancellor emerita returned to campus to be inducted into the UW Athletic Hall of Fame. Later in 2018, she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 27th district. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Quiddich game

Chaser Alison Pujanauski catches the quaffle as members of Wisconsin Quidditch, a student-run organization, practice outside the Gordon Dining and Event Center on Sept. 23. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: People working out in the dark in glowing clothing

Light workout: Students take part in a glow-in-the-dark group fitness class held at the Natatorium Sept. 20, including cinema spin, Zumba and yoga. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Person working on laptop as seen through two bookshelves

Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Two people looking through a license plate housing

Junior Tenzin Woser and his mother, Ngoedup Wargmo, portray the ultimate personalized license plate during a Family Weekend welcome event at Union South Oct. 12. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Uniformed students marching and shouting or singing

Camo-clad members of UW–Madison's Army ROTC march down State Street before thousands of spectators during the Homecoming Parade on Oct. 18. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Rabbi holding lighted candle

Rabbi Gairshon Vogel holds a candle as attendees gather on Library Mall Oct. 29 for an interfaith vigil to honor victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Row of voting booths with one person filling out ballot

Last word: Ballot No. 679 — the final vote at this campus polling place in the Nov. 6 midterm election — is cast at Tripp Commons in the Memorial Union. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Aerial view of boats in water making ripples

Ripple effect: The crew team practicing on Lake Mendota as seen from a helicopter near sunset on Oct. 23. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Mike Leckrone shaking hands

Director Mike Leckrone shakes hands with members of the UW Marching Band following the halftime performance at his final UW home football game at Camp Randall Stadium Nov. 24. Leckrone announced in August that his 50th season would be his last. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Volleyball players diving for ball

Wisconsin liberos Riley Bell (top) and Tiffany Clark come up short in their full-body dive for the ball as the Badger volleyball team defeats UW–Green Bay during the first-round of NCAA Division 1 championship play at the Field House Nov. 29. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Photo: Jamie Dawson speaking at podium

Student voice: Jamie Dawson encouraged her fellow graduates to “walk toward the things that give you joy,” but also to not be afraid of life’s complexities in a well-received speech during the winter commencement ceremony at the Kohl Center on Dec. 16. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Photo: Person walking past snow-covered flowerbed

A W-shaped flowerbed in repose until it blooms in spring in front of the Mosse Humanities Building. Photo by: Jeff Miller

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