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HR Design team working to convert framework into action

February 7, 2013 By Greg Bump

The HR Design project team is working with subject matter experts to convert the framework outlined in the HR Design Strategic Plan into draft policies, procedures and processes. These efforts will continue to include close collaboration with governance groups and campus stakeholders.

Current activities include work in three key areas of the new HR system: temporary employment, transitional compensation and titling, and recruitment and selection. Policies and procedures need to be in place for these areas by July 1.

“The subject matter experts in these areas will be developing draft policies, procedures and processes for the new personnel system,” says Bob Lavigna, UW–Madison’s director of human resources and the leader of the HR Design project. “They will take the framework approved in the HR Design Strategic Plan and operationalize it, working with campus stakeholder groups as the draft strategies take shape.”

In another development, Interim Chancellor David Ward has approved a strategy to establish a governance structure for university staff.

Under the HR Design plan, classified staff will be renamed university staff and create a governance body similar to faculty and academic staff. Previously, all classified staff did not have a formal governance structure at UW–Madison.

An advisory committee will be chosen to set up an election process for creating the university staff executive committee and collaborate on aspects of the HR Design project. The advisory committee will be composed of three Council for Non-represented Classified Staff appointments, three labor group appointments, and three at-large members appointed by the chancellor. The chancellor’s appointments will be selected to equalize the advisory committee’s occupational diversity and representation of key stakeholders.

The advisory committee will be dissolved when the University Staff Executive Committee is in place.

The University Staff Executive Committee will create and coordinate an election process for the overall university staff governance body, including establishing districts, voting eligibility, the nomination process and education strategies. The executive committee will also create and establish bylaws for university staff governance, consult on HR Design issues affecting their constituents, and make appointments to the HR Design cross-governance committee that is advising project leaders on implementation.