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Highlights of the UW System budget as approved by the Legislature

October 19, 1999

Here are highlights of the UW System budget as approved by the Legislature Oct. 6. The governor is expected to sign the bill and announce any partial vetoes next week.

  • Operating Budget
  • Total UW System increase: $90.6 million over two years
  • Breakdown of funding: $78.1 million tax money, $12.5 million fees.
  • Average annual increase: 3.3

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    Madison Initiative

  • $29.2 million to UW–Madison for recruitment and retention of faculty and academic staff (competitive compensation), building renovation and maintenance, research and instructional initiatives, and academic infrastructure.
  • Funding for competitive compensation can only be used for recruitment and retention purposes, not merit-based increase. The university is required to submit a report to the Legislature regarding the amounts of any salary increases given pursuant to competitive compensation.


  • Universities pay for first-day pickup of health insurance premiums for UW System faculty and academic staff hired after the bill is signed into law.

    Management Flexibility

  • New continuing appropriation authority allows the UW System to spend all money from tuition and fees without having to seek prior approval from the Legislature.
  • New position authority allows the Board of Regents to increase the number of positions funded in whole or in part by state tax dollars by 1 percent above the base level during the 1999-2001 biennium.

    Academic Needs

  • UW System libraries receive an additional $7.3 million over two years for library acquisitions, reference material and journals, and the purchase of statewide licenses for electronic resources.
  • Advising and Student Services receive an additional $1.95 million (in tuition revenue) and 28.5 positions systemwide to improve academic, career and transfer student advising efforts.


  • A tuition freeze measure provides $28 million in state tax dollars in 2000-2001 fiscal year to freeze resident undergraduate tuition at the current year’s level.

    Financial Aid

  • Financial aid grants increase 9.6 percent this fiscal year.

    UW Access Funding

  • About $4.8 million in tax money is set aside in fiscal year 2000-2001 to fund additional faculty and staff so UW–Madison can enroll 300 more students.

    Instructional Technology

  • An additional $3.9 million systemwide will be used to train 340 student workers each year. UW System is required to develop a plan to retain student IT workers that receive IT training with this funding.

    Plan 2008 Diversity Initiative

  • About $1 million in tax money is set aside in fiscal year 2000-2001 to fund items related to Plan 2008 across the UW System.
  • An additional $732,600 will be used for pre-college programs.

    International Education

  • About $3 million is earmarked for various initiatives related to international education throughout the UW System.