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For the record

September 6, 2005

Wisconsin Idea Endowment Call for Proposals

The Office of the Provost is soliciting proposals from faculty, staff and students for the fourth annual Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment. The endowment is intended to advance The Wisconsin Idea through the development of new and innovative initiatives, and new dimensions to existing outreach activities, by creating and strengthening partnerships and collaborations, sharing and applying knowledge, and expanding access to lifelong learning.

This year approximately $500,000 will be granted for projects that begin on or after Jan. 16, 2006. Proposals for initiatives of up to $100,000 total funding are encouraged and projects may last for up to three years. The endowment will support people and projects rather than facilities. The fund is not intended to support or to duplicate existing projects, or replace activities that are part of a unit’s normal operation. Priority will be given to outreach initiatives that: 1) extend students’ expertise off campus; 2) foster biological and physical sciences outreach; 3) engage the arts and humanities; and 4) address a societal opportunity or problem.

To apply, UW–Madison faculty, staff or students must first submit a pre-proposal, then individuals whose pre-proposals are accepted will be invited to submit a full proposal. Pre-proposals and full proposals must be signed by the department chair/unit director and a dean’s/director’s representative before submission to the Office of the Provost. Deadlines:

Sept. 29: Pre-proposals due in Dean’s Office One copy of cover sheet due in Provost’s Office

Oct. 6: Signed pre-proposals due in Provost’s Office

Oct. 28: Pre-proposal finalists announced

Nov. 30: Full proposals due in Dean’s Office

Dec. 7: Signed proposals due in Provost’s Office

Jan. 16: Awards announced and projects may start

Pre-proposals should be no more than two double-spaced pages. For complete guidelines, cover page, budget submission form, directions and a list of previously funded projects, visit Additional questions should be directed to Peyton Smith, assistant vice chancellor for extended programs, 262-8214 or

Latin@ Studies Changes its Name

The Program in Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies has changed its name to the Program in Chican@ and Latin@ Studies. The use of the “at” symbol is to represent the “a” and “o” ending for words such as Latina and Latino and Chicana and Chicano without giving preference to one ending over the other. The College of Letters and Science Academic Planning Council has limited the approval of the name change to the program’s publications and memorabilia. Because the nonstandard use of the “at” symbol may confuse databases and was not approved for the university’s most official documents, the name change will not appear in the Timetable and Catalog course listings, DARS reports, student transcripts, payroll checks, financial reports and other documents.