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For media: UW-Madison Father’s Day experts available   

June 13, 2022 By Veronica Rueckert

Experts from UW–Madison are available to discuss topics related to Father’s Day.   

ALVIN THOMAS on the impact of fathers. 

As Father’s Day approaches, Alvin Thomas is available for interviews about the impact of fathers, his message for Black fathers, and why fathers in general don’t get the respect they deserve. Thomas is assistant professor of human development and family studies. Contact:

Sample video of Dr. Thomas: 

TOVA WALSH on low-income and non-custodial fathers and the pandemic 

Tova Walsh is available to discuss her research on what low-income and non-custodial fathers experienced during the pandemic and what changes need to be made to support these fathers.  Contact: 

More experts can be found on the UW–MadisonExperts Database.

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