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Five-year reviews begin for four UW–Madison deans

August 22, 2017

Every five years, academic deans and directors of the university’s schools and colleges undergo a comprehensive review to assess their academic and administrative leadership and performance in such areas as external relations and resource management. The review includes interviews with faculty, staff and students, and with external stakeholders. The provost appoints the members of the review committee.

This fall, reviews are underway for:

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Dean Kathryn VandenBosch

College of Engineering Dean Ian Robertson

College of Letters & Science Dean John Karl Scholz

School of Veterinary Medicine Dean Mark Markel

Photo: Katharyn VandenBosch


Photo: Ian Robertson


Photo: John Karl Scholz



The reviews are being led as follows:

  • College of Agricultural and Life Sciences: Katharyn A. May (Nursing, emerita dean, School of Nursing) will chair the review of Dean and Director Kathryn VandenBosch
  • College of Engineering: Phillip Certain (Chemistry; emeritus dean, College of Letters &Science) will chair the review of Dean Ian Robertson.
  • College of Letters & Science: Irwin Goldman (Horticulture; former interim dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences) will chair the review of Dean John Karl Scholz.
  • School of Veterinary Medicine: Charles Read (Linguistics; emeritus dean, School of Education) will chair the review of Dean Mark Markel.

More detailed information about the reviews will be shared with faculty and staff members in each of the schools as the reviews themselves get underway. Reviews are expected to finish by the end of the semester.

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